So Nice, We Went Twice

We’re no strangers to Atlanta arts festivals, but this weekend we went to the same one two days in a row.  A first (I think).

Grant park sign

The Grant Park Summer Shade festival is one of my favorite Atl festivals.  It’s very kid-friendly, there’s affordable art, parking is easy enough and most of all, it’s shaded.

Grant park

On Saturday, we met up with our friends Jamie and Dave for a couple of hours in the park.

Lee alex1

Lee jason

Beer was had.


Sticks were played with.

Family and stick

All that beer drinking and stick holding didn’t leave room for much art looking, so we went back on Sunday. Same family, different clothes.  Though truth be told, I was wearing the same shorts.


This maybe would have been a cute picture if the side of the stroller wasn’t jabbing me in the face.  Somehow I didn’t notice this at the time.  Blame the beer in the grass.

Stroller face

Somehow we still didn’t look at much art, though we did do some swinging.


and some kids sensory-tabling…

Sensory table

And watched some kids music, where Alexander couldn’t really decide if he liked it or if it was terrifying.

Kids music

We’ve pretty much gone to this festival every single year and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  The summer is ending, which is a little sad, but also a little nice.

This year vs. last year.  Now we have to take this picture every year.

Last year

Cookie expert

I logged into Klout for the first time in a long time and it told me that I was an expert in many things, first and foremost – cookies.

Screen Shot 2015 08 29 at 8 02 15 AM

First Week of Training

So I signed up for this 10 mile race on kind of a whim.  I was kind of binge-reading a running blog and it made me miss running, or more specifically, training for something.  I don’t know how it’s going to go, honestly, with a kid and all.  The last time I trained for a longer distance run, the only thing ever holding me back was my sheer laziness.  Now I have laziness coupled with a child.

I got up at 5:30 a couple times this week to work out.  I’ve been doing the Hal Higdon 15K Novice program.  While I’m not exactly a novice (I’ve run 10 half-marathons), the amount of running I’ve done in the past year is pretty novice-esque.

The runs this week have been pretty easy – all two milers.

Running gym

(That pace included a 3 mile walk.)

2 miles is nice because I can get it done during my lunch break when I can’t seem to pull myself out of bed, like this morning.  3 miles I can also do at lunch.  But anything farther than that takes too long.

Granted it’s the first week and it’s easy and I’m more motivated than usual, but I felt really good about everything.  We’ll see how the next 8 go.

Not that I’m wishing the summer away

But this was pretty damn nice.


3 blog posts in 24 hours?  Who am I?

Sleep or Target?

Back when Alexander was just a baby and didn’t eat solid foods, I could afford to work out after I got home in the evening.  Jason would feed him a bottle and I’d do whatever I needed to do.  But now, that’s just not happening.  He usually eats what we eat (or some more kid-friendly version) so there’s prep time involved.  Even if it’s just Trader Joe’s fish nuggets.

Alex food

Lest you think he ate that kale, I assure you he did not.  Kid does like fish though.  And also I spy a dog.  Anyway, that was a long-winded way of saying that I don’t work out at night anymore.  So that leaves morning and lunch time.  Right now, my workouts are short enough that it does work for me to go at lunch but sometimes I need to do things, like go to Target.

I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning to work out and when it went off, I laid there for a good ten minutes trying to rationalize resetting my alarm, working out at lunch and not going to Target.  Except I need a ton of stuff:

• Hair gel
• Mascara
• Drano
• Dish soap
• Toilet Paper
• Paper Towels

And so I got up.  Did a Kayla Itsines workout that included far too much jumping.  And now I can go to Target.

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