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On track

This weeks been good. I’ve kept up with my workouts and my eating has been decent. I’ve been really munchy today though and I’m trying to figure out why. I ate some “empty” stuff – rice cakey things. It seems like, while they are good, I’m not getting much bang for my buck there. I think that I identified a big problem though. I think I make my meals too little and then am still hungry and snack instead of just eating a bigger meal. Example – for dinner I made stir fried bok choy, broccoli, water chestnuts and shrimp. But that’s all I made. And of course, after I was snacky and picked around in the kitchen. I think that I need to really try to eat real meals.

4.5 miles twice this week went okay. I am running slower than I used to but I’m not really that concerned about that right now. 8 miles this weekend. The race is coming up, it’s in a month. I’m thinking about running the Silver Comet 10K next weekend too.

Ice, Ice, Baby and other randomness

I wanted something sweet to eat after dinner and freezer burnt Skinny Cow popsicles weren’t going to cut it. So that left me with one lone choice – Jello. I never understand one thing about it though. That’s the speed set method. Okay, so it says to use 3/4 cup of boiling water and 1/2 cup cold water. Got that part. Then it says to add enough ice to make 1.25 cups. Now what does that mean? I took it to mean fill up the measuring cup with .75 cups of ice but if that’s the case, they should just write that and if not, I guess I’m having some watery Jello.

I lifted weights at lunch and now I don’t know if I want to go to the gym again or do nothing. Sometimes I feel like I should save my do nothing days for days when I’m really tired or have other plans or a hangover or something. So it’s either stay home, run 4.5 miles or do the elliptical. The last of which really accomplishes nothing but then I feel like I can say that I went to the gym. In any event, this is what I did at lunch:

• 5 minute warm up on bike.
• Deadlift – 2 sets; 12 reps first set at the weight of the bar (which I think is 45 pounds) plus 10 extra pounds, second set the weight of the bar plus 15 extra pounds – this time I did them straight legged and still feel like my form is off. I think I really need to have someone show me how to do this properly.
• Dumbell shoulder press – 2 sets; 12 reps.; 12 pound weight in each hand.
• Lat Pulldowns – 2 sets; 12 reps; 67.5 pounds. Woo – I used to do this at 45.
• Lunges on alternating legs – 2 sets; 12 reps per leg – 10 pound weight in each hand.
• Cruches – 2 sets; first set was 50 regular crunches, second set was 30 reverse crunches.

I’ve been cooking more lately. Which is great in all respects but one. I am constantly emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen. Everytime I turn around, there is a mess of dishes in the sink. I cook for one, sometimes two people, I can’t imagine what it’d be like to cook for a family. Of course, then I’d make the kids do the dishes.

I also discovered at about 2 in the afternoon that I’d been wearing my underwear inside out all day. My lacy thong. Who does that? Not only was it inside out and I didn’t notice in the several bathroom trips that I made in the morning, but I changed into and back out of my gym clothes and still didn’t notice!


The weekend wasn’t so great, food wise. On Friday night, Jason and I went out to dinner at some random little bar that is near my apartment, sort of, but I’d never been in. It was weird, like stepping into a small town. It was very family oriented and sort of country. Anyway, I ordered a veggie pita with steamed veggies. It was okay. The description of the pita said it came with some sort of dressing and I asked for it without it. The waitress informed me that it was already mixed together and asked if I’d like to try it. It just seemed like an oil and vinegar type dressing, so I got it.

We left after the meal and went home and watched a movie. Yeah, I’ve become boring.

Saturday is where the diet derailment began. I had a 7 mile run scheduled. I was going to do it while Jason was sleeping but I just wasn’t in the mood. So, I waited until about 2. It started out badly. I felt super sluggish. I almost talked myself into not running the full distance many times. But I knew that if I didn’t get it over with, it’d just be there the next day and I’d be mad at myself. So I finished it. I walked up some hills but mostly I ran. I got into a zone at about Mile 4. That’s been happening lately. I used to start to feel that way at Mile 3, but for some reason now it doesn’t happen until 4. When I came back from the run, I had to get ready quickly because one of my friends and I had tickets to go to this Oyster Festival and she was coming to pick me up at 3:45. I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and wasn’t really hungry but decided, for some reason, that what I needed was a bunch of fat free ice cream. I probably ate at least 3 servings. We got to the Oysterfest and it was horribly crowded. Like push your way through the crowds, stand in line for 20 minutes to get a drink crowded. So we left and went out to dinner in the Highlands.

All was fine until the pitchers of Stella started coming and my willpower just went out the door. We went to a different bar and met up with some other people and one of my friends ordered chips and salsa which I ate a bunch of. Then Jason came to meet us out and he ordered hummus which I also ate. I had already had hummus for dinner!

All in all, it wasn’t terrible, I suppose. On a good note, I just realized that Map My Run has a Follow Streets option. I think this is the best discovery I’ve made so far in 2008.

Riddle me this

Why do running shorts always, always, always ride up? I don’t understand. I’ve tried various lengths, bought them in different sizes and no matter what I do, they ride up. So I’m that girl. The one that looks like a fool on the treadmill trying to get her shorts to fall normally. Does this happen to everyone? It’s always happened to me and that’s one reason why I’ve worn capris in all of the races that I’ve done. Well, the longer ones. You’d think that someone who invent shorts that don’t ride up. Maybe I should try a running skirt. Or maybe I’m doomed to a life of spandex.

At least I ran 4.5 miles. Bitching about my shorts in my head the whole way, but 4.5 miles anyway.

And on the eating front, add a ton of almonds and a slice of cheese to my previous list. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Cut off

I have been a bottomless pit today. So freaking hungry at work. It started innocently enough – egg beaters with a cheese and tomato slice open faced on a slice of bread. About a cup, maybe a little less, of Blueberry Kefir. But then around 10:30, the tummy rumblings started, as they normally do. And my dumb ass ate an apple. News flash, an apple is good for food cravings, when I just want something to eat, not so good when I’m actually feeling like my stomach is going to eat itself. I need to have snacks with a little fat and protein. But no. So a half hour later, I’m still famished and I my “afternoon” snack – triscuits. Then I decided I still wasn’t full so I made a protein shake. And by shake I mean putting protein powder in milk and shaking it. Mind you, this was all before lunch.

Lifted weights at lunch:
Squats on the V-squat machine – 2 sets of 12 reps. One at 50 pounds, the second at 55.
Push ups at a 45 degree angle on the Smith machine – 2 sets of 12 reps
the thing – I always forget what it’s called – it’s for your back and works your biceps too. Anyway – 2 sets of 2 reps. First at 45 pounds, second at 52.5.
Step ups – 2 sets of 12 reps. 20 pounds both sets.
An ab thing – 2 sets of 15 reps. I was supposed to do Swiss Ball Crunches but nary a Swiss Ball could be found.

So, yeah, back to eating. I stopped at Subway and got a Veggie Delite (mustard; no cheese) and apparantly Subway has all these new “healthy” chips. I tried the Flat Earth Peach Berry Mango. Damn good. And if you check out their website, you’ll see that you can print a coupon for a free big bag of chips. You’re welcome.

So, didn’t have an afternoon snack because I’d eaten them. Then I got stuck in horrible traffic. This city just falls apart if there is any sort of precipitation. It took me an hour to get home. I work 13 miles away. Had a normal dinner. More of the Mexican Pasta salad and steamed broccoli. Then I had a piece of bread with sugar free jelly.

Still kinda munchy. I need to run 4.5 miles today. No backing out like I did yesterday.

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