An average day

Sometimes I pretend that if I don’t write down what I eat, then it doesn’t count. I need to start being more accountable than that. So, here’s today. It’s an average day. Mostly healthy food but probably a little too much.

Breakfast – plain oatmeal with trail mix (220)
Lunch – Brown rice California Rolls (315); 1 cup mixed fruit (100); Glenny’s brownie (100)
Snack – 1 cup mixed fruit (100); cup unsweetned almond milk with agave (60)
Before workout (I was starving) – 2 wasa breads with laughing cow cheese (105)

30 min elliptical (ankle is still not 100%)

Sample pizza in trader joes (100)
Dinner – salad with lowfat ranch (30); shrimp with broccoli and water chestnuts (300); baked chips and salsa (200)

1930. Which I guess is fine. My lunch did not tide me over. I think I need to focus on getting more protein at lunch.

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