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Ass successfully kicked

I went to a spinning class today at 6:45. They pretty much have them every day at my gym and I’ve been experimenting to see which instructor I like the best. I can honestly say this one kicked my ass the hardest. I was dripping sweat and my legs felt like they were going to fall off at the end.

I had a thing of Trader Joe’s Asian veggies in my fridge and knew that I needed to make them soon or they’d go bad. So I combined them with a veggie burger and made a black bean/soy/hot sauce and served it on a bed of quinoa. The sauce had a weird flavor and I’m holding the black bean sauce responsible. I don’t really like black bean sauce. It’s one of those things; it always sounds good to me but then it tastes gross. This sauce really didn’t have much flavor, I had to put more soy sauce on my quinoa. It looks pretty but it was nothing to write home about. (That phrase sounds familiar, like I used it very recently.)

Omaha Un-Steak, Stolen Corn etc

Last Christmas, a vendor gave me and three other co-workers a big
cooler of stuff from Omaha Steaks. Everyone thought it was funny
since I don’t eat steak. I gave some to Jamie and kept some in my
freezer for Jason. There were a couple of things in the cooler that
weren’t steaks. One of which was crab stuffed sole. I decided that
after six months in my freezer, it was time to cook these up. They
weren’t too caloric but they did have HFCS in them. We made baked
them and had them with baked butternut squash and canned green beans.
Truthfully, the squash was the only part of the meal that I enjoyed.
The fish tasted very seafoody. I love seafood so it’s strange that I
thought a strong taste was bad. And the beans, well, they’re from a

My long weekend was filled with little to no home cooked meals. Jason
and I went to the Brickstore for dinner on Friday. I had the Veggie
Gyro (without the yogurt sauce) and a salad. I strong armed Jason
into getting a Turkey Burger. I also had two Hefeweisins. The rest
of the weekend was filled with various other restaurant food and drink
but nothing to write home about.

We did, on Memorial Day, attempt to grill out. Neither Jason nor I
know the first thing about grilling. There is a grill by my pool and
someone had left charoal by it so we just used that and grilled some
steak (for Jason), smart dogs (for me), and some portabello mushrooms.
They all tasted rather charred and not so good. Perhaps the grill
was dirty (dirty with Lord knows what on it.) But the best part was
that there were these random ears of corn that had been on the grill
for a long time. I don’t know who’s they were, but we ate them.
Gross! But delicious.

Slacky McSlackster

I was all set to go to the gym tonight and then fell asleep on the couch. In my defense, I had a tough night sleeping last night because my air conditioning was broken and it was HOT. I get mad at myself if I don’t go to the gym 5 or 6 days a week. I need to be okay with taking at least two rest days a week, maybe three. Working out four days a week is good and something that most people don’t even do.

I had read about how freezing tofu and letting it defrost gives it a different texture and it totally does. I made tofu with broccoli and water chestnuts for dinner. The tofu almost took on the consistency of eggs except it was chewier.

I don’t really have anything else to write about.

Jason would like to say

That it was Morningstar Farms soy meat in our burritos not Boca.

A first

I went to a spinning class today. I’d never been to one before. I’m not sure; I was always a little intimidated by them. It was definitely working up a sweat and my legs are tired. I liked it okay but the instructor was sort of hard to hear over the music. Plus, he didn’t have us do anything to increase or decrease the resistance. Is that normal? I know I can do it on my own, but I thought the instructors encouraged you to make it harder, like a hill? Anyway, I liked the class and now I’m not afraid to try another one. The only problem is that most spin classes are offered at 6 am.

I bought a bikini today from It’s my cruise motivation. Let’s see if it works. I’ve never worn a bikini in my life.

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