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The wooer

Have you ever noticed in a group exercise class, there is always a “wooer”?  Some person that randomly shouts, “Woo” when the class gets tough?  There was a wooer in my spin class tonight.  I couldn’t tell where in the room said wooer was, but but every so often, there was a definite woo.  I don’t know if these wooers are aerobics teachers in a former life (or now) and are just used to wooing.  It makes me a little embarrassed for them to tell you the truth.  No offense to you wooers out there.

I made Rachael Ray’s Chickpeas, Thank you meal for dinner. The sauce was probably a little thicker than it should have been. It was more like a dip than a pasta sauce. I’m sure I could have pureed it a little longer. It would probably be quite good as a dip actually. I might have to try that soon.


How much is that doggie in the window?

I went to an Adopt a Golden event today. My friend Joan has a friend, Melissa, that volunteers for them so the three of us went. I saw the perfect dog. The problem is, Jason thinks he is too old. He is 5. I think that is fine. He’s out of the hyper puppy stage but still has plenty of years left in him. I wish Jason had gone to the event with me so he could have seen how awesome this dog is. (Yes, I am totally writing knowing he’ll read it!)

I want this dog.

In other news, I cannot seem to stay away from the kitchen tonight. I forgot to eat lunch so when I got home, I was really hungry. It was about 5, so Jason and I went to Lettuce Souprise You for dinner. There, I stuffed my face. I had a salad with lowfat ranch, two bowls of veggie soup, some green beans, a little lowfat muffin and a small thing of pudding. I felt like I had to be rolled out of the restaurant. So, despite my dinner pigout, three hours later, I was hungry and nibbling in the kitchen. Argh.


My stomach hurts.  Have I mentioned that my stomach hurts a lot.  I think that it might be from carbonation, maybe it’s from caffieine.  It’s definitely caused by artifical sweeteners and stress though.  So, I know I can’t help the stress part, but a normal person would lay of the artificial sweeteners.  But not smarty pants here.  I got into work today early to work on a project.  I had gone to an event last night where some large glasses of wine were consumed so I wasn’t exactly feeling my best.  So, I went to the fridge and got a diet coke.  I don’t know if that was the culprit or what.  I didn’t drink the whole can.  It took me virtually all day to drink 3/4ths of it.  I know I should write down what I eat and when it hurts, but that seems too difficult.  I purposefully didn’t drink any soda (although I did have tea) yesterday and it didn’t hurt.  I just don’t understand how, after drinking soda habitually for so many years, it suddenly is causing me so much gastric distress.  I mean, I’ve always had stomach aches.  It’s nothing new.  Because I’m an internet hypochondriac, I started googling IBS symptoms.  I fit the mold.  Mainly, bloating, gas and feeling better once I go to the bathroom.  But then again, I also thought I had hypothyroidism last week and my thyroid is tip top.

I’m supposed to go to kickball in ten minutes.  I’m not really sure how that’s going to work considering I have to make a dash to the toilet every two minutes.  Fun times in the life of Lee.

Don’t quit your day job

Jason went to visit his parents for a few days so I thought it’d be nice to surprise him with a clean house when he got home.  My clean clothes have taken over one of the couches and my shoes are everywhere.  Being very ambitious, I went to Target to get some cleaning supplies.  Namely a swiffer.  Because I lost mine.  Yeah, who loses a swiffer?  Me.  I guess when we moved, it might have gotten trashed.  Don’t even do the math there.  So, anyway, I go to Target and guess what they don’t have?  Swiffers.  So I bought some mascara instead.  Cause you know?  The cleaning aisle and the makeup aisle are all kind of near each other.  So is the clothes section but I held some restraint.  Okay fine, they didn’t have anything that I liked.

I stopped at Kroger after Target to see if they had swiffers.  They did but the $20 price tag made me want to look a little bit harder for the one that I owned.  Sorry honey.  I did clean the toilets though.  And I have new mascara.

New Snack Alert

I just stopped by Trader Joe’s on my way home from work and picked up something delicious:

These were so good.  They kind of tasted like a cross between cheetos and some sort of chips.  I had to check the ingredients to make sure that they were, in fact, made of peas.  (They were.)  The serving size is 22 so you can have a good amount for not too many calories.  I am so happy with my new find.

I guess today was a day of new food finds, come to think of it.  I went to Publix at lunch and tried one of those new V8 soups.  I had the tomato herb one.  It was okay.  It sort of tasted like tomato sauce.  It was thick though, which I like.  I also bought some Truvia.  I hadn’t really heard of this before, but I guess it’s some type of brand name stevia. (Stevia is a natural sweetener with no calories and is suitable for diabetics.  It’s come into popularity recently especially with all of the negative publicity that Splenda has gotten.)  I looked it up and there weren’t any bad things written about it.  It still makes me sort of nervous.  I mean, is it stevia or isn’t it?  They are marketing it as such because the second ingredient is rebiana which apparently is part of the stevia leaf, but the first ingredient is erythritol which the website says is naturally found in foods.  It’s not part of the stevia plant though so it’s all sort of confusing and makes me a little wary.  I’ll give it a shot, but I’m skeptical.  I did have some in my tea and it was pretty good.  Not nearly as sweet as Splenda and it didn’t have that weird bitter taste like some stevia does.  

I did make it to the gym tonight.  I had a bad stomachache when I got there, but felt fine by the time I left.  I get a lot of stomachaches.  I don’t know what they are from.  Stress?  IBS?  Diet Coke?  Milk?  It’s kind of been like this my entire life.  I think it probably is IBS although I’ve never really gone to the doctor about it.

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