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Post Thanksgiving Day run

I went for a run/walk this morning. I just tried to map it but since it’s on a trail, I couldn’t exactly remember I stopped. I think it was between 5-6 miles. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to run the whoel thing so I ran for one song, walked for the next etc. I figured that I ran for about 25-30 minutes and walked for about an hour. It felt good but I definitely could have used some gloves. Afterwards, my hands were so cold that I could barely type on the computer! I have since warmed up, eaten some sushi and a vitamuffin and am watching a What Not To Wear marathon.

I do feel little full right now. I was fine with the sushi and even a little stuffed, but I really wanted the vitamuffin since I love them and they’re hard to find in Atlanta. I need to learn that I don’t have to eat everything that I want right now. The vitamuffins will still be there in a few hours when I might want a snack, or even tomorrow morning. I’m supposed to have dinner with some friends tonight. I don’t have that many points left so I really need to find a restaurant where I can get something healthy. My friends are no help! One suggested Austin Grill (Mexican) and the other suggested Maggianos. Of course, they’re both guys so I highly doubt they’re thinking of healthy food when they think of a restaurant.

I meant to post this earlier. At Thanksgiving dinner we all said what we were thankful for. It’s kind of cheesy but I thought it was interesting what everyone said.
Me – Thankful to be able to see my family since I live 600 miles away from them. Also, thankful that I still have a job.
Sister – Thankful that she has the opportunity to go to college.
Brother – Thankful that we haven’t been victims of any terrorists attacks and have been relatively safe.
Dad – Thankful for Obama.
Stepmohther – For some reason, I can’t remember what she said, I think it had to do with family.
Stepmother’s Aunt – Thankful for Obama.

Of course, I am also thankful to have a wonderful boyfriend.

Happy Thanksgiving

I arrived in DC at about 10 am yesterday morning. I think that it’s key to go fly on Thanksgiving morning instead of Wednesday night. Sure, I’d have a few more hours with my family, but I’d rather not deal with all the stress of a crowded airport.

I had dinner with my dad, stepmother, brother, sister and stepmother’s aunt. All things considered, I didn’t eat tooooo badly. I made a feeble attempt to count the points and got something like 40 which is double what I’m supposed to eat, but I figured it was Thanksgiving and I couldn’t worry about points anyway. Plus, it just subtracted from my weekly alottment of points, which I will gain back with activity. I didn’t take any pictures of dinner because I didn’t really want to explain why I was doing it, so here’s a recap of what I had:
About 8 shrimp cocktail (although without the cocktail sauce – I don’t like it.)
A cosmo that my dad made
A big sweet potato with strusel and marshmallows. (So bad, but sooo good.)
Brussells Sprouts
Spicy Sauteed Broccoli
A little bit of salad
A very small slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream
A glass of white wine

I’m sure my diet could have done away with the sweet potoato but it was very good! I didn’t get a workout in, but I’m planning on running this morning on the Crescent Trail.

Later Taters.

Tomorrow’s Like Friday

I’m so happy that it’s a three day week.  I’m hoping that we’ll get out of work early tomorrow.  They never like to tell us until that morning.  We are having a Thanksgiving potluck.  I made pumpkin bread:


I used the recipe from Hungry Girl except I used sugar instead of splenda. I figured it out to be 3 points per slice. I hope it’s good, it’s still cooling and I’m probably going to go to sleep before tasting it. Although I probably should sample it to make sure I don’t kill my co-workers.

You take the good, you take the bad

Now is the facts of life theme song in your head like it is in mine?!

When I was taking the Lexapro, I felt somewhat numb.  I didn’t feel sad or anxious, but at the same time, I didn’t laugh as easily.  They call them happy pills, but really they mute your feelings, both good and bad. You might think you’re happier because the bad feelings aren’t there, but what you don’t realize is that you aren’t fully experiencing the good ones either.   At least that’s what happened in my case.  I didn’t even fully realize it until last night.  I couldn’t sleep and Jason and I stayed up talking and laughing in our bed until after 2 am.  It was stupid stuff; we were trying to think of potential dog names.  But it was funny.  And I can’t remember the last time I was almost in tears laughing like that.  I really can’t.  I’m not saying it never happened in the two years that I was on the medicine, but it wasn’t often.  It’s been hard for me, the emotional withdrawal from the medicine, but I’m starting to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Okay, I promise that this isn’t going to turn into the Lee writes about depression day in and day out blog.

I just rearranged my computer.  And what I mean by rearranged is moved.  I have had this knot in my left shoulder/upper back area for a few months that doesn’t seem to be going away.  I think it’s from my posture at work.  My computer tower was sort of right underneath my desk where my feet should go, so I couldn’t really sit straight.  I think I must have been subconsciously leaning to the side or something.  I don’t know why it’s taken me two years to move the stupid thing.  I feel like I’m sitting straighter now so maybe it’ll fix the problem.  I really would like a massage but the way the economy is right now, I’m kind of scare to drop money on something big like that.  As far as I know, my company is still doing okay, but you never know.   Of course, I made a costly mistake today and that makes me worried.  I guess there is nothing that I can do about it but try to be more detail oriented in the future.

I wanted to go to spin class today but it was raining and there was a lot of traffic so I missed the class.  I ended up going to the gym later and doing 30 minutes on the arc trainer and then about 30 minutes of upper body weights.  According to Weight Watchers, I’ve eaten 26.5 points today and gained 4 activity points.  I guess that is okay.  It pretty much cancels out to be pretty close to what I’m supposed to be eating.  

We are a step closer to getting a dog!  I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t talk about it until we get her, if we do.

Weight Watchers

I decided to join Weight Watchers online. I know that it’s basically just a fancy way of counting calories, but I’m hoping it’ll be more effective for me. I chose the Flex Plan and I get 21 points a day. Plus the extra 35 weekly points. Today went rather well considering I was a lazy bum all day. I ate 21.5 points. I might have forgotten to log something though; I signed up in the middle of the day.

I made one of their recipes for dinner – The Shrimp and Broccoli Chowder.


It was okay.  It needed something, but I’m not sure what.  I put some hot sauce in it and that helped, but it was still a little bland.  It was, however, surprisingly filling.  Maybe it’ll taste better tomorrow.  I don’t know why it would, but maybe.  

I know this isn’t the best week to start a diet with Thanksgiving but I feel motivated, so I figured why not?  I guess I’ll try to save my weekly points for Thursday.  Although, I don’t think I will eat that much considering I don’t eat turkey or many of the side dishes.  I do eat pie.

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