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Murphy opens a present



I heard this on the radio this morning and started bawling. Seriously, I had to stop listening because I was afraid that I’d ruin my makeup on my way to work. I got home and watched the youtube video and started crying again.

I have this group of girlfriends. I knew some of them as early as elementary school, the rest I met in middle and high school. We live in different places. Some of us are still in Maryland and by some fluke, some of us are in Atlanta. Even though we’re still pretty young, in our late twenties or early thirties, we’ve still gone through a lot. Good stuff, careers, promotions, houses, marriage, dogs, babies. And some bad, deployments, miscarriages, deaths of dogs, grandparents and parents.

I don’t talk to these girls that often, especially the ones that don’t live in Atlanta but I feel like as different as we may have become as women, we are still able to count on one another and like she said, be there for the first laugh after the bad parts.

Oh God, I’m crying again!

Back in the City

Jason, Murphy and I went drove up to Jason’s parents for an early Christmas on Friday. They live in Seneca, SC which is about 2 hours from Atlanta.

Since we don’t know Murphy all too well, we were a little worried about how he’d react. Jason’s parents have two small dogs and Jason’s brother and sister-in-law, who drove down from Charleston, have a huge Rottweiler. There was no need to worry; Murphy had the time of his life.
He got that blue thing for a present and LOVES it.

I had a fun weekend but ate like shit. There just aren’t a lot of healthy options in a small town. It’s hard enough to find a restaurant that has a veggie option much less a healthy one. Sometimes I do feel like a burden because I’m picky about my food and I just didn’t want to add to the burden, so I ate what was offered. For lunch, we went to an American restaurant. I got a tuna steak sandwich with veggies instead of fries. There was still a lot of butter involved, but I figured it was a better choice than many others. For dinner, they ordered pizza. I had a veggie one, but there was a lot of cheese on it. I also consumed some wine and various chocolates.

I got a little bit of exercise. We took Murphy for some walks. I didn’t go for a run. I haven’t run with Murphy and I don’t know how he’ll be on the leash. I also only brought Uggs. We did have one little debacle with the dog. People were coming in and out of the house and he got out (so did the other dogs, but they’re trained to come when called). He saw a squirrel and some birds and booked it down the street. We got him back, but it scared me. If he had done that in Atlanta, he would have quite possibly been hit by a car. Fortunately, there weren’t any cars on the road when it happened so it was okay. We’re working on training, but starting with “sit” so he hasn’t learned “come” yet.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of exercise again. I mean, I only took one day off, I’m not sure why I feel like it’s been a long time. I went to Pilates class today which was nice. Tomorrow I’ll either run or spin. I didn’t count my Weight Watchers points yesterday; it was probably a lot but I’ll just try to stick with the actual number of points (21) for the rest of the week and not use my flex or activity points to make up for it.

Onwards and Upwards

I took the picture of the jeans down from my monitor. I think it was doing me more harm than good. The original idea was to have the picture be a motivational tool. I would look at the picture of my goal and think about what I should or shouldn’t do to achieve it. But the problem was it was just making me feel bad about myself. Looking at my “skinny” jeans didn’t stop me from eating the junk food in the breakroom. When I did eat it, I didn’t even enjoy myself. Instead of feeling like I should be able to enjoy a holiday treat sometimes and that some were definitely worth it, I’d look at the jeans and think that I’d failed and I would never reach my goal. My mother always tells me that when I’m upset about something and talking/thinking about it, instead of getting it off my shoulders and feeling better, I always get even more worked up. It’s kind of the same thing when I get down on myself, my negativity just breeds even more negativity. So for right now, I choose to remove the source of the immediate problem. It’s not the source of everything, but if I’m trying just as hard in my weight loss efforts, removing a picture that turned out to be almost a trigger for low self esteem can’t hurt anything.

Onwards and upwards.

I’m actually quite proud of myself for my attention to portion control yesterday. We had a holiday luncheon at Muss & Turners. I ordered The Hummer (giggle, giggle) and when it came it was pretty big. I ate half and the put the rest in a box to eat for lunch today. Half was plenty. I also went out to dinner at Mali for my friend Joan’s birthday. I had two pieces of sushi as an appetizer and then ate about half of my entree. I had some sort of shrimp and scallop stir-fry.

Running shiz

I signed up for the ING Georgia Half Marathon in the end of March. I’ve done this race twice – last year I did the half and the year before I did the full. I have basically 16 weeks to train. Unfortunately, I’m out of running shape at the moment. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking that because I still do “cardio” at the gym, I can still run. Yeah, not so much. I am trying to start again and to ignore the voice in my head that makes me get down on myself because what used to be easy to me isn’t anymore. If I keep at it, It’ll get easier. I know this and it happens every time that I take a break from running. But it still sucks to start again. I did 2.75 miles on the treadmill during lunch and it was hard! I did the first mile at 6.3, the second one and a half at 6.0 and the last .25 at 5.8. So, what’s the best way to go about this? Do I start trying for distance first at a slower pace or do I try to increase both my distance and my speed at the same time? I’m planning on using Hal Higdon’s novice plan even though I’m not technically a novice. My friend Joan is also doing the race with me and she’s never run a half before. She’s about to move within walking distance to my house, so I’ll have someone to do my long runs with.

I’m also going to get Murphy into training shape. Eventually. We’ll have to work on “sit” and “stop jumping” first.

HBBc – 2.75

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