ING Georgia Half Marathon

I woke up at around 5:30 this morning, changed into my clothes and had two Eggo Nutri-grain waffles with peanut butter. We left the house at around 6 to pick up Joan and get on MARTA (subway) to go to the race. We got off the train and walked down to the park and were sort of confused about where to go. There were supposedly corrals but we didn’t see them. We just followed a bunch of people and ended up having to climb over a fence type barrier thing. It was a little chilly out, about 45 degrees. I was cold standing waiting for the race to begin but knew that I’d be fine once I started to run.

Miles 1 and 2 were pretty uneventful as we ran through downtown. It started getting hilly around Mile 3. Somehow I managed to forget just how hilly this course is. I broke out the sports beans around mile 4 which helped. I was worried about Joan because of her stomach issues but she said she was doing alright.

Miles 4-5 were around the MLK center and an area called the Old Fourth Ward which has totally blown up in the past year of so. I hadn’t really been back there in a while and was really surprised how many condos and restaurants had popped up.

It started to get really hilly around 5.5 in Little Five Points. This is an area that I hang out in some so I knew to expect a big hill. It was hilly basically until Mile 7. This was probably the hardest part of the course. Up, down, up, down. Around mile 7, I took a Gu Rocktane. It was my first time trying any of the Rocktane flavors. This was the Vanilla Orange. It was okay.

Between miles 8-9, we crossed into Piedmont Park. My friend Andrew was supposed to be on the corner there, but I didn’t see him. (He later texted me that he must have just missed me). We were still feeling pretty good around Mile 10 but it started to get hilly again. I realized that we were running right in front of my friend Emily’s condo and wished that I told her to come out and watch. Oh well. Right around her condo, some police on motorcycles came by and behind them were the leaders of the full marathon. It’s so crazy to think that we’re on Mile 10 and they’re on Mile 23!

Right at Mile 12, my “power” song, Saeglopur, came on and that helped some. We were almost to the end when Joan stopped and said she felt like she was going to pass out. All the color had drained from her face and I had visions of myself carrying her to the finish line. We walked for a few minutes and then she said that she wanted to run to the end so we did.

The clock at the finish line said 2:38. We started around 8 minutes into it so I think our time was about 2:30. I’m not sure yet. is crashing when I try to look at the results page. We met up with Jason and got some food. They had a very odd selection of food there. I guess it was catered by Publix and they had oreo type cookies, go-gurt, little muffins and bananas. I had a mini-muffin and a half of a not ripe banana.

Jason had found some friends so we walked over there to say hi and I had about 1/4 of a beer which tasted good but was too cold! We didn’t hang out with them for very long because we were freezing.

Joan and I had tentative plans to go out to brunch around noon but neither of us really felt like moving once we got home. I did celebrate my race by eating a small package of Cadbury mini-eggs which have been waiting in my cabinet just for this.

So that was that, my fourth half marathon!

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