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Hump Day

I ordered a refurbished iphone for my birthday. It arrived yesterday and it’s broken! There appears to be something wrong with the touch screen and it won’t recognize anything touching it. So now, after being on the phone with AT&T for almost 45 minute, I have to go into the Apple Store and get them to fix it or give me a new phone. It’s not a big deal, but I wanted to play with my new toy!! I guess that is what I get for ordered a used one. I was just trying to be economical.

On the plus side, this week seems to be flying by. I’ve gotten some running in too. Yesterday I did five miles and Monday I did two. I need to start incorporating some longer runs in on the weekend. It’s hard for me to figure out exactly how far to run when I don’t have a training plan telling me how far. I guess I could pick another race to train for, or even just follow a plan for one and not really race if I don’t want.

I’m also seriously considering a bootcamp class. I found one that meets T, W, F and S for a month and I found a site that where you can sign up for $125. That seems pretty decent considering it’s normally like $250-$300. I think it’d be really great for whipping me into shape because besides increasing running distance, I’m not especially good at pushing myself. I need to just bite the bullet and sign up, right? I don’t know why I’m scared!

Busy Bee

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day. Specifically, I don’t have enough time in the after-work hours. I got home tonight around 6:15. Murphy was very energetic so we went on almost an hour walk. I guess I could have taken him for a shorter time, but it was nice out and he needed exercise. By the time I made dinner and ate, it was already nearly 7:45. Now I need to digest my food some and then go to the gym and the grocery store. See why I’m always tired? It’s just go, go, go until I go to sleep.

A few days ago this huge box arrived. Inside was a very small (compared to the box) package of ravioli. It came from Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program.


I decided to cook these tonight with marinara sauce that I “beefed” up with some cabbage. The ravioli was delicious. It was mushroomy but not too woodsy tasting and had some creamy cheese flavors too. I probably wouldn’t have put it in a tomato sauce if I had known, because the tomato flavor sort of overpowered the mushroom filling


It was a little high in calories for my liking. The package contained two servings at (I believe) 320 calories each. I don’t think I would have purchased this in the grocery store for that reason, but it was very tasty. Plus, one serving seemed to be pretty satisfying. I have the rest in the fridge but I really wasn’t tempted to pick at it.

I had a small cereal binge after dinner though. I just wanted more to eat and kept going back to the box of cereal. I wish I could finish dinner and then be done. I have some issues snacking after dinner is over.

Weekend Recap

The 5K didn’t go exactly as planned. For one thing, I could not sleep on Friday night. It was awful. I think that it was a combination of being excited for Saturday’s events and being nervous that I wouldn’t get enough sleep for them.

We got to the race start at about 10:30 and picked up our numbers. As soon as the race began, I knew that this was not going to be a race to try to get a PR. It was very crowded in the beginning and you basically had to walk for the first couple of minutes. Additionally, parts of the course were on trails which created somewhat of a bottleneck since a lot of people were walking. But aside from all that, there were HILLS. I’ve run this race before and knew it was hilly, but didn’t remember quite how hilly it was. Seriously, it felt like 75% of the race was uphill. I told myself that I was not going to stop and walk and I did manage to run the entire thing, albeit some of my hill running might have looked more like shuffling. My finish time was around 33 minutes, although I’m not really sure.

This race was part of a festival so afterwards we hung out for a little bit. They gave all the racers a ticket for a free beer so we sat on a hill and listened to the band that was playing and enjoyed the beer.


When we got home, I tried very hard to take a nap but again could not fall asleep so finally just gave up. At 6:45, we went to dinner at El Taco. I really had no idea which of my friends would show up and who would be a no-show. About 15 people came which was a great turnout! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone. The restaurant was decent. I had a salad with shrimp. I also had to try the frozen mojito and a glass of sangria. Okay, fine, and a beer but it was my birthday and I wasn’t driving!


There was also a Carvel cake courtesy of my friend Joan.

About half the group came out to a bar afterwards. I’m basically known in my group of friends for getting tired before anyone else. I can’t help it. It’s like I’m fine and then BAM, the tiredness hits and I have to go home and go to bed immediatly. I exceeded everyone’s expectations and was able to stay out until midnight. I know, what a wild child, right? What can I say? I just can’t party the way I used to. At all.

I made up for my lack of sleep on Friday night by sleeping for almost 12 hours on Saturday night! Jason had the entire weekend off for once. It was so nice to be able to spend time together during the day. We met up with another couple that we’re friends with at the Dogwood Festival. It is a huge art festival that they have every year with tons of artists setting up booths. There was probably almost a mile of booths set up. It’s fun to just walk around and look at stuff. I have purchased art in the past but this weekend we just browsed. We stayed at the festival for about three hours and afterwards were sort of exhausted so we just ordered a pizza. I really never order delivery pizza but we didn’t have any food in the house and I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store. I also reasoned that it was my birthday weekend so I could eat badly if I wanted.


So now it’s back to life as usual. I was really looking forward to Saturday and now that it’s over, I sort of don’t know what to do with myself. It’s kind of like I live my life looking forward to specific events and then feel sort of let down when they’re over. I mean, I have plenty of things to look forward to, but none in the immediate future. Jason has to work tomorrow, which is my actual birthday, and that kind of sucks. I mean, I’d rather he come out over the weekend, which he did but it still sucks. My iphone is coming though, so that’s something to look forward to. Although the additional charge for the data plan is not!

ETA – I just found out that one of my friends fell off of some sort of bike and cut her head open and has a major concussion. I don’t know if she was wearing a helmet or not. She was released from the hospital but was kept there for 12 hours. This happened while they were visiting family in California over the weekend. How scary. They were supposed to come back to Atlanta yesterday but are going to stay until Wed. so they can keep an eye on her.

Can I Tag Myself?

So Rose didn’t tag me in her survey but I thought it might be fun, so I’m tagging myself!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. My birthday party tonight
2. Mexico trip in September
3. Peachtree Road Race in July with Jason
4. Warm weather
5. Various concerts (DMB, U2, Depeche Mode)
6. My iphone coming
7. Buying a house with a yard at some point
8. Running more half marathons

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Went to dinner at Mu Lan
2. Watched the movie Transamerica
3. Went to work
4. Went to the mall with a co-worker and bought some new shoes
5. G-chatted with some friends
6. Drank a Raspberry Kombucha
7. Played Karaoke in the house with Jason. This is just really me pulling up lyrics to songs and belting them out while the song plays in the background.
8. Bought an Iphone

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Run a faster mile
2. Really stop drinking diet coke
3. Throw a ball more than three feet.
4. Have a job that I really enjoy
5. Lose 10 pounds
6. Straighten my hair in quicker than 45 minutes
7. Get out of credit card debt
8. See my family more often

8 Shows I Watch: Don’t make fun!

1. The Office
2. The Real World
3. The Hills
4. Intervention
5. Jeopardy
6. What not to wear
7. Man vs. Food
8. Unwrapped

8 People I Tag:
I don’t know if 8 people even read this, so consider yourself tagged if you want.

5K Tomorrow + Birthday Fun

I’m running a 5K tomorrow morning. It’s actually at 11 am which is great since races typically start a lot earlier. I’ve been running since my half-marathon but not a ton. I did do a 5-miler yesterday with Joan and that was pretty enjoyable and felt easy enough so I am confident that the 5K will be a good one. I have a sub-30 goal in mind but I’m kind of wary of setting a speed goal for myself because I know that if I don’t achieve it, I’ll be mad at myself. So, I’m going to still try but try harder not to be bummed if I run slower.

I’m also going to be celebrating my birthday tomorrow night by having dinner with a bunch of friends at El Taco. I’ve never been but it’s on my running route and I always want to try it. Supposedly they have frozen mojitos. My birthday isn’t really until Tuesday, but no one, including myself, really wants to go out on a Tuesday night. There are a few good things happening on Tuesday though to mark my turning old. One, my iphone is coming! Yes, I broke down and bought one. Did you know that you can get a refurbished on for $99? And secondly, and probably of more interest to the rest of the world, Ben and Jerry’s is giving away free ice cream! We stop there a lot to get water on our runs and the last time I asked the guy about it. He said that you stand in line and get a free cone and can get in line as many times as you want.

What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Mine is Cherry Garcia. I also like the old classic, Heath Bar Crunch.

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