I got nothin’ (and I think I’ve used this post title before)

I am at a loss of things to talk about in this post. I’m going to see Depeche Mode tomorrow night, so I’ll leave you with a performance of my favorite DM song.

I actually want this to be the song that I walk down the aisle to next April. Jason says that it’s the words that make it romantic and if someone just plays the music that will get lost, but I still like the idea. It could be the first dance song, but I have another one in mind – Falling Slowly from the movie Once.

Married folk, what was your first dance song? Or if you’re not married, do you know what you want it to be?

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9 Responses to I got nothin’ (and I think I’ve used this post title before)

  1. Andrew and I danced to “our song” which is Sweet Thing by Van Morrison.

  2. Our first dance was to Unforgettable (Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole version). Has sentimental value to us (which is a really long and cheesy story.)

  3. I LOVE hearing what people’s first songs are. There are a million I’d want – I might do 3 First Dances? :-) At the moment I would choose “At Last” by Etta James. Because….it’s taking awhile!

  4. Our first dance was to “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison. First time I heard it with him we were only dating a few months but the words stuck with me and I knew this had to be “our song” from that moment. Cheesy I know!:-)

  5. I LOVE anything having to do with a wedding!!! So fricking exciting shawty!!! 😀

    And I totally saw your tweet and was so excited that you were an RA in Davis! My RA seems pretty chill right now.. so I am thinking she will be pretty chill the whole year.. hopefully!! And yes.. they are SUCH nice dorms! I think they renovated like 2 years ago!

  6. Well we arent having a first dance…at least we arent planning on it…

    But Im walking down the isle to Ingrid Michaelsons version of Cant help falling in love. :) So it will be the music and words :)

  7. ‘the luckiest’ by ben folds

    oh i want to get married again (to the same person of course!!! :) )

  8. Hee hee don’t plan on getting married ever….

    Psst. Can anyone dance to the music of Abba?

  9. we didn’t dance at our wedding, but I love when people have fun songs :)

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