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Soupy weather

I had planned to make soup for dinner anyway, but this never-ending monsoon really made me crave warm, comfort food. Enter the first recipe that I’ve tried from Martha Stewart’s Great Food Fast.

Here is the recipe. I made a few changes, per the norm. I used lite coconut milk and shirataki noodles instead of the angel hair.


Honestly, I was not that impressed at first taste. It was very bland. I had to add some hot sauce and a hefty amount of salt and then it was pretty good.

So, the rain is out of control. I actually left work an hour early. A lot of Atlanta is completely under water. The pictures online are INSANE. Parts of the highway are underwater and people are riding around in boats. Serious. Fortunately, my commute home was slow, but not bad. I didn’t really run into any flooded areas. Needless to say, I didn’t go to the gym tonight. It’s just not safe to go out especially since they’re excepting more rain!

Weekend End

Suffice to say, my weekend sucked ass. I spent the majority of it worrying about my family member’s health. He has an appointment with a specialist on Tuesday so we’ll know more after that. Besides that, Murphy suddenly developed an aversion to his food. I gave him something else to make sure he was eating and he gulped it down, but won’t eat his normal food. Maybe there is something wrong with the food? It’s a new bag. I’m not sure how to tell. I guess I can buy a little bag of the same food and see if he eats it.

It has been raining on and off all day. I debated doing my 6 mile run outside, but didn’t want to risk it, so I made my way over to the gym. I’m glad that I did. It stopped raining for the most part by then, but all the moisture in the air made it extremely humid and it would not be enjoyable to run outside. I do my long runs at a slower pace. I’m not exactly sure of my time because I had to get off the treadmill to get more water. I did the majority at 5.7 mph with some 6.0 here and there. 6 miles is basically the most I can do on the treadmill without feeling like I want to shoot myself. It was rather tedious but I got it done.

To cheer myself up a bit, I decided pizza was in order for dinner. I was excited to try out the pizza stone that Sarah sent me as a wedding gift. I used 1/2 of the Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough. I figured that would make 4 servings and I didn’t want to tempt myself having 8 servings of pizza in the house if I made the whole thing. I used Trader Joe’s marinara sauce and topped it with some part-skim mozzarella, a small tomato and some spinach leaves.

It was kind of an odd shape.


But still tasty.


On the plate with different lighting.


The pizza stone really helped to crisp up the crust. And I still have half of the ball of dough to make a different pizza. (Plus, half of this one which I saved for Jason.)

How is it already 9pm on Sunday night? I want a do-over for this weekend.

Rain, rain

It has been raining all freakin’ week here. I think the entire city of Atlanta is depressed and cooped up in their houses. I need to do my 6-mile run but am debating going to the gym. It’s not raining too hard right now, but I don’t want to get halfway into it and have it pour on me like it did the other day. Really, because I worry about my Ipod and Garmin breaking. Anyone know how well these stand up to rain? I’m sure I’ve gotten caught in the rain before and they still work, but it still worries me.

I did go to the gym yesterday to clear my head. It helped a bit. I did 1 “make up” mile on the treadmill. I was supposed to run 4 on Thursday but got caught in the rain and only ended up running 3. So yesterday I did the other mile. After that, I did a workout from NRLFW. I did:

2 sets of 15 deadlifts with a 15 lb weight in each hand
2 sets of 15 shoulder presses with 10 lb weight in each hand
2 sets of 15 lat pull downs at 50 lbs
2 sets of 15 (each leg) lunges with a 10 lb weight in each hand
2 sets of 15 sit ups

The situps were actually supposed to be crunches on a stability ball but all the balls were taken so I improvised. I guess I haven’t done much with weights in a while because I am sore today, especially my butt!

I had to go to a friend’s wedding shower. I didn’t know many people and it was sort of awkward. Plus, I was already in a really bad mood anyway. I stayed for what I deemed a good amount of time (3 hours) before making an exit. Afterwards, I really just wanted to stay home and mope, but one of my friends convinced me to go out instead. We went to Fontaine’s for dinner. I normally get mussels with red sauce, but decided to switch things up and got grilled tuna with steamed broccoli.

We went to another bar afterwards and I don’t know why, but I got more food. This was like 4 hours after dinner, but I did not need a 4th meal! I feel like I’ve eaten horribly for the past few days and need to get back in track. Truthfully, it was probably a good thing that I went out though because it did help me get my mind off things for a while.

I need to plan out my weekly meals. I am so bad at this. But I do not want next week to be a repeat of this week where I go out to eat on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Still Dreary

I just found out some not-so-good, health-related news about a family member. I don’t want to get into it on a public site like this, but I am not feeling too great at the moment about it.

My mood kind of matches the weather outside. It’s been extremely dreary all morning. I was actually sort of enjoying it until I got this news.

I have to go to a bridal shower at two. I might sneak in a small workout beforehand to clear my head.

Rainy Run

So, for the second time in like a month, I packed the wrong gym clothes to take to work. Specifically, I packed two different shoes. At least it was a right and left, but still. I obviously couldn’t go straight to the gym in my mismatched shoes. I really need to not pack my bag in the dark. I have also had numerous times when I’ve realized that I had my underwear inside out, but do I really need to be sharing that with the interwebs? Probably not.

I digress. So I got home and decided to run my 4 miles outdoors. Now there was a 70% chance of rain, but I decided to risk it. I got about 1.5 miles into it and got poured on. It actually felt pretty good, but I had my ipod and my Garmin on and didn’t want to get them wet so I decided to turn around. I’ve mentioned that the first mile of my run is always uphill. Here are the stats to back that up and yes, I’m a slow-poke!

Mile 1 – 12:24
Mile 2 – 11:31 (I stopped for a red light and didn’t stop my Garmin)
Mile 3 – 9:54

Of course, once I got back to my house, it stopped raining, but I didn’t want to run past my house and back because the road changes and it isn’t as conducive to running. After my run, Jason and I met up with our friend Joan and went to an Indian restaurant called Planet Bombay. The three of us split a bottle of wine. I had tofu chana masala. And too much naan. That damn naan always gets me. It’s so good. Now I am uncomfortably full and I didn’t finish my meal. My tummy hasn’t been right since Mexico.

Well, that’s about it. Tomorrow is Friday. I’m going to a friend’s 30th birthday party. Should be fun.

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