Doesn’t this sort of look like a bagel? I think it does, especially since I know that part of that topping actually is cream cheese.


It was actually a Hummus Stuffed Portobello Cap from And frankly, I can’t decide if I liked it or not. I actually had two of them; the second was a lot smaller. It was a little too cream cheesy for my taste. I think that you’re supposed to use smaller mushroom caps and make little appetizers out of them and I can see that being good, but these big mushrooms were too much and now I’m really, really full.

I’m sitting on the couch waiting for Jeopardy* to start. I’m not a huge tv watcher at all, but I am kind of excited about The Buried Life and My Life as Liz which both premiere on MTV tonight. Also, that show about the kid that was put up for adoption and goes back to find her parents that’s been advertised every two minutes on the CW might be worth checking out. I will fully admit that I have awful taste in TV shows. I think I have good taste in movies and music, though, so it makes up for it.

I’ve always taken two rest days a week. I’ve started doing it differently though. In the past, I’d arrange my schedule so my rest days coincided with any plans I might have. Like if I was going to dinner with a friend on a Wednesday, I’d make that my rest day. If I didn’t have any plans, like tonight, I’d go to the gym so I wouldn’t “waste” a night. The problem with my system is that I never really got much time to just relax at night. I was either working out or going out. Now, I’ve switched it up so that my rest days are Mondays and Fridays and that allows me, especially on Mondays, time to veg out on the couch.

Do you schedule your rest days or play them by ear?

*I went online last week to look at the test to be on the show and realized that I am probably ineligible. Amongst the people who cannot try out are those who are related to someone who works for a tv station that shows Jeopardy. Jason does. Although we’re not related yet.

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