WTF, Whole Foods?

Yes, I’m getting married tomorrow and you know what I keep thinking about? Kombucha. My mom and I had to go to the bridal shop yesterday to try on my dress for the final time. The seamstress was supposed to hem it the last time. It was about a half inch too long. When I tried it on again, it was still a half inch too long. My mom thinks that the woman didn’t hem it, but she bustled it in the hopes that I wouldn’t notice. We noticed. So, while she was fixing it (and trying to get out a STAIN!), we walked over to Whole Foods to get a drink. I really wanted a Kombucha but they were nowhere to be found. Instead, I got some Steaz Energy Drink that was disgusting. I took three sips and spit it out. I went to the customer service desk and asked about the Kombucha or lack there of. According to the Whole Foods woman, there was a government recall and they had to take it off the shelves.

Not so. According to google, Whole Foods voluntarily recalled GT Kombucha (or whatever it’s called – the Synergy one) because of it’s freaking “may contain up to .05% alcohol” label. WTF? They can sell non-alcoholic beer that contains up to .05% alcohol. Hell, they can sell real beer. So, why not kombucha? I guess you do have to show ID for real beer, but real beer has real alcohol.

I am not pleased, Whole Foods. At least it isn’t a government recall like they told me and I’m hoping that they still sell it at Kroger (even though they only have like three flavors) and at my local health food store – return to Eden.

Backing up a bit, yes, there was a stain on my dress. I don’t know how it got there but we got into it with the bridal shop. Not so much because of the stain, which really isn’t noticeable to anyone else, but because first the seamstress tried to blame the floors in the dressing area! Umm, if your floors are dirty and it gets the dress dirty, that’s the store’s fault! Then they tried to say that sometimes brides get make-up on the dress. I don’t even really wear make-up! I’m not going to get upset about it. I’m more upset about the kombucha!

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