7 mile run

I normally do my long runs on Saturday mornings to get them over with, but the forecast this weekend was a high of 90 on Saturday and a high of 70 on Sunday, so it was kind of a no-brainer to move the run to this morning. You’d think that since I didn’t have to get up early on Saturday morning, I’d go out and party on Friday night. You’d be wrong. We watched Glee (which I’ve actually never seen before, but liked) and I baked muffins. I had some canned pumpkin and chocolate chips in the house so I started to google muffin recipes to find one where I had everything on hand and wouldn’t have to go to the grocery store. I came up with these.


The only things that I didn’t have were in the cloves and the eggs. I omitted the cloves entirely and used 1/2 cup of egg beaters instead of actual eggs. The muffins were very tasty in a hockey puck sort of way. They were definitely not airy and light. I’m not sure if it’s because of the whole wheat flour or the egg substitution. They were still delicious though and I’d make them again. Jason liked them too.

This morning, I set out to do 7 miles. 7 miles sounds like a long run to me. Even though I’ve run 7+ miles countless times in my life, this is the first time that I’ve done it in probably 4-5 months, so I was proud of myself. Even prouder for getting it over with in the morning – especially since it’s been raining since noon.

I used Gmap-Pedometer to measure out a route. I’m not as familiar with the streets and neighborhoods where we live now. But, I have a very good sense of direction, so I’m not really that worried about getting lost when I run somewhere unknown.

Picture 1.png

Other than walking up a big hill around Mile 3.5 and stopping at a gas station for some Gatorade, I ran the entire thing. I’m not sure how long it took because I seem to have misplaced my Garmin. The run felt pretty good. My runs tend to fall into three categories:

1. I hate running. Why do I do this to myself? Can I please walk now? When can I walk?
2. I love running! I feel so great. I could run forever. Maybe I should sign up for another marathon.
3. I’m just chugging along. La la la. I wish this was over, but it doesn’t feel so bad. I’ll just chug along until I get there.

Most of my runs fall into the third category which is how my 7 miler went. I just kept running until I ran around a big circle and got to my house. There were some ominous clouds overhead but I managed to get home before the rain started.

I had a major craving for Willy’s for lunch. Willy’s is a Mexican chain similar to Chiptole or Moe’s but far superior. I always get the same thing – a salad with black beans, tofu, salsa, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, olives and guacamole. And then I throw on a heaping amount of tomatillo salsa. Their tofu is so flavorful. Seriously, this place kicks Moe’s and Chipotle’s ass. See for yourself.


Since I was in the Emory area, I decided that I might as well stop at Trader Joe’s. I went armed with a list of things that I thought they would have there.


I left without:
cabbage leaves
frozen broccoli (I know that they sell this! I’ve had it a million times.)
tomato sauce (which they did have in a 16 oz jar but I didn’t want to buy that size.)

Looks like a trip to Kroger is in my future. But first, I have to take a nap. 7 miles = nap.

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