Running With Friends

As I’m reading an article about it being 35 below zero in Saranac Lake, New York, I’m feeling a little guilty for complaining about running in 35 degree ABOVE zero temperatures in Atlanta! It actually was more like 42 by the time my friend Joan and I set out for our seven mile run yesterday. I wore long sleeves, long pants and a turtle fur ear warmer and was perfectly fine. I think I should probably invest in some running gloves though, especially since my hands tend to turn bluish when I’m cold. (I should mention that to the doctor, huh?)

Running with a friend is so much easier than running alone. I did 6 solo miles last weekend and really struggled while this 7miles with Joan felt like a breeze. We ran a route near my house that’s pretty flat. The only thing I didn’t like about the route, which I hadn’t previously noticed when I’d run it alone, was that the sidewalk was really narrow in certain points and we had to run single file. We stopped and walked up a big hill around mile 3.5 and then at a gas station at mile 4. I bought some Gatorade but wished I didn’t because holding it was making my hands cold.

When we got home, I had to check to make sure we’d actually run seven miles because it felt really easy. We did. I even had some energy to spare and took Murphy for a little run when I got home.

Love it when that happens.

I was feeling inspired from my farmer’s market trip and wanted to make a dinner that was full of veggies. I decided to make the Healthy Peanut Tofu Marinade from Daily Garnish and combine it with tofu, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, red pepper and whole wheat pasta for what I hoped would taste something like Pad Thai.


It wasn’t exactly like Pad Thai, more like cold peanut noodles (that were warm if that makes any sense) but delicious nonetheless.

As I was eating, I was looking over my training plan and realized that I had the race as 3/27. It’s 3/20. So I’m a week behind. I can either do one of two things. This week is supposed to be a step back week. The runs are only 4,4 and 3. I could skip that. Or, I could skip the last week which is 2,8,2 and 10. I’m pretty tempted to skip the last week. The week before is 2,7,2 and 10 so I’m still getting the 10 mile run in there, right? I swear these type of things always happen to me. I’m always on the wrong week.

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14 Responses to Running With Friends

  1. You have been such a running machine! I’m glad your training is going so well – i’m sorry you had the date wrong though – bummer!

  2. It was 32 the other day and it felt warm compared to 15 degrees when I was in the mountains!!

    Awesome run :)

  3. I feel bad complaining about it being 75 degrees! It feels too hot to run!

  4. I have that marinade bookmarked to make soon!

  5. Nice run in the cold!! I am always afraid I’ll mess up my training plans by weeks, too. I checked mine, like, 100 times I think. I think skipping the last week would totally be okay!

  6. I can definitely see running with a friend as much more enjoyable. A great form of distraction I bet!

  7. I’ve been meaning to try that peanut tofu recipe. Looks good.

  8. I need to find a running partner– it really is SO much more fun when you’re with someone else.

  9. I don’t know if I’d like running with someone. I really like my alone time…

  10. I know how you feel about running with friends. When I run with a girlfriend we talk, talk, talk and before I know it the run is over. Love that. I live in Austin and sometimes feel bad when I gripe about running in cold weather (when the rest of the country is buried in snow) but then again, we endure hot, humid summers in exchange for mild winters. It’s only fair.

  11. I miss running with friends! I just get lazy about planning ahead.

  12. Hey Lee! Great job on getting out there for the run! Its definitely hard to get motivated in the cold no matter how cold it is! You should definitely get gloves – I wear them pretty much from October – April (even with short sleeves!). :)

    Your peanut noodles look awesome. I used to love the combo of sweet potato and peanut sauce. Mmm…

  13. You go girl! I’ve actually never ran with anyone before. Most of my friends aren’t into the whole healthy eating and fitness thing like I am. Too bad I can’t transplant myself to Georgia and tag along with you!

    I made some warm (cold) peanut noodles just the other night! 😉

  14. Saranac Lake is about an hour from me. Sooooo cold!

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