Dinner Club: Babette’s Cafe

For my dinner club this month, we went to Babette’s Cafe. I’ve driven past there a million times and always thought it looked really cute, but never been inside.

Our reservation was for 8:15 and the host informed us that our table wasn’t ready yet but we could sit on the heated patio if we wanted to. We checked out the patio to make sure it was warm enough and decided to go for it. It was actually very nice; we had the whole patio to ourselves for a while and it felt like a private dining room.

Our server was really knowledgeable, although he did seem to think that all of the food was excellent. He made sure to tell us the ingredients in the dishes and how they were cooked which was really helpful because it turns out that what I wanted, the scallops, was cooked in chicken broth. I asked them if they could make it another way and he said that they could so that’s what I ordered.

Pretend that’s a pretty picture, m’kay? It was good but I’m just not a huge fan of French food. It’s really heavy. I probably got the lightest thing on the menu and still was in a food coma afterward. Of course, I probably ate half a loaf of bread during the meal as well. Bread always gets me.

Since we were on the patio by ourselves, we didn’t even realize that the restaurant had closed at 10pm and didn’t leave until 10:45. Oops.

So, all in all, not my favorite place but that was really more of a personal food preference. The service and atmosphere were excellent and we had a great time.

So, what you’ve been waiting for – my real name! It’s Leidra. I told you that you wouldn’t guess it! Pronounced Lee-dra (obviously, I guess.)

You might have seen me post on Twitter, but I moved my blog to a new host. I mean, I didn’t personally move it (if you need a recommendation for someone to do this for you, let me know. The guy I used was great.) but it’s been moved. I’m having a some problems with Mars Edit right now that I need to sort out. As in, it’s not working and I’m typing this in wordpress. Speaking of Mars Edit, I have Mars Edit 2.something. Should I upgrade to 3?

What do you use to compose your posts?

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