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It Runs in the Family

A few weeks ago, I won a cookbook called Table For Two from Emily.


Even though I feel like I “know” lots of bloggers, I actually do know Emily! She’s my cousin. It’s fun to have another food blogger in the family. As far as I know, it’s just Emily and I who blog, but who knows, maybe I have another blogger relative that I don’t know about.

I thought this cookbook was perfect since it’s just me and Jason here. I like leftovers as much as the next person, but after I eat something for dinner one night and lunch the next, I get a little bit sick of it. So a cookbook filled with recipes that only serve two people is perfect. No math to do!

The irony here is that I made Crispy Tofu sticks and doubled the recipe!


The recipe called for half a block of tofu. I decided to cook the entire thing because I know myself and I know that if I have half a block of uncooked tofu in my fridge, it’s just going to go bad. The recipe ended up being pretty good. I served it with Brussels Sprouts which are quickly rising to the top of my favorite vegetable list.

I think the secret to good Brussels Sprouts is to char them a little bit. I used a bag of Brussels, cut the ends off and cut them in half and sprinkled them with sea salt. Then I heated 1 tbsp of olive oil in a pan on medium and threw the Brussels in them. I let them sit, untouched, for about 5 minutes and then stirred them a bit. When all the Brussels had a nice char to them, I turned the heat off and added a little bit of a three cheese blend (asiago, parmesan and something else that I’ve forgotten.)


And more good news on the Peachtree front – I got an email from a reader named Whitney who said that her husband got a number but he isn’t able to run so Jason could have it! Thanks Whitney and husband.

My Luck Has Changed

Two things happened yesterday to change my luck. First of all, I posted something on the Atlanta Track Club’s facebook page basically stating my disappointment for not getting into the lottery as one of only 2,000 people out of 60,000 who did. I got an email later in the day from a race director for another race (on Labor Day) asking if I wanted to run it for free! I’ve never run that particular race before because there are massive hills but hey, I’ll take a free race! (This was after some random dude called me a “sore looser” on the ATC page. At least spell loser right!)

Then, I emailed my friend Dave to see if he got into the race and he said that he did but it turns out that he’s going to be in Spain on the 4th so I can have his number! Yay! Now I just need to find a number for Jason so if any Atlantans hear of anyone giving theirs up, please let me know.

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything food related and that needs to change. I don’t usually post pictures of my breakfast, but I thought I’d share what I eat often. Unlike most food bloggers, I’m not a huge oatmeal fan. I don’t hate it or anything, but it’s not my favorite. I eat oatmeal maybe once every two weeks, if that. What I do like, however are eggs. Specifically egg sandwiches.

Last week, I received a loaf of Nature’s Pride bread for free as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s program.


The ingredients seemed up to my standards – no high fructose corn syrup and made with whole wheat flour.


Obviously, this bread was going to be part of my daily breakfast.


Processed sliced cheese, I just can’t quit you.


Two eggs, scrambled, one slice of cheese and two pieces of bread and there you have it. The perfect egg sandwich.


Are you an oatmeal fan or do you prefer other things for breakfast, like I do?

What Bad Luck

The Peachtree Road Race is the US’s biggest 10K with 60,000 people running. It’s on the 4th of July and has become somewhat of a tradition for me and Jason to run. I’ve actually run the past five years. In the past, you had to buy the newspaper on a certain date and clip out the registeration form and mail it in. Then they tried an online registration system for the past two years but that was a mess. Too many people would try to register at the same time and it would crash the system. Not to mention that the registration date was the same as the GA marathon. So this year they had a lottery system.

I figured that it was no big deal. Out of 60,000 people, I was surely going to get chosen. So imagine my surpise this morning when I received this email:

Dear Lee Becknell,
Thank you for your interest in the 2011 AJC Peachtree Road Race. We are sorry to inform you that your entry was not selected in the lottery and you are not registered for the race. Your credit card has not been charged.

Only 2,000 people didn’t get in and Jason and I were two of them! (We signed up as a group so if one of us got in, the other would and vice versa). I am so mad right now. I just can’t believe the bad luck.

Sweetwater Brewery

A popular Atlanta thing to do on a Friday after work is to go to the Sweetwater Brewery for their brewery tours.


For just eight dollars, you get six tickets and a pint glass. Each ticket is good for about 2/3 of a glass of beer, although some of the premium beers are two tickets. They do have brewery tours, but I think most people just come to hang out and enjoy the beer and don’t bother with the tour. I went on it the first time that I went to Sweetwater but not again after that.

When it’s a nice Friday in March, a lot of people show up.


Including Laura, who I ran into!


For a while, I wasn’t a huge fan of Sweetwater beers but they introduced a new beer last year – sch’wheat which I do like.


Despite this sign, there were tons of dogs there. We are going to take Murphy the next time we go.


All in all, I probably had four beers. By 7:30, when the event was over, I definitely needed some food to soak up that beer. We decided to go to Little Bangkok, a Thai and Chinese restaurant.


It’s a total hole in the wall, but it’s really good. Jason and I shared a spicy shrimp dish and a Buddha’s Delight.


I’m leaving for the airport now. See ya from Florida!

Murphy Says…

My human is lame and went to sleep at 9:30 last night. She slacked on her blogger duties, I know. I wanted her to stay up and pet me. She didn’t, so I slept in the bed with her while my other human was at work.


She is also going somewhere called Florida this weekend and I’ll be alone with my other human, who isn’t going. This blogging thing is fun. I might try my paw at it more often.

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