Home Improvement: Before and Afters

Slowly but surely, we’re making small renovations to our house and making it feel more like ours. We redid the master bedroom last August, but kind of got burned out for a while. We started again in early 2011 and I am finally able to show you the before and afters! It didn’t take 4 months, but we definitely took our time to make sure everything was done correctly.

Kitchen sink Before:


I hated this sink. The shallow basin on the left was basically useless and it just made the basin on right super tiny.

Kitchen sink after:


My handy husband installed the sink himself! Like the hot sauce collection?

The kitchen sink project was actually completed back in January. We want to redo the entire kitchen eventually, but the sink is all we’ve gotten to at this point.

We stripped the wallpaper off the walls in the hallway. Stripping wallpaper is not fun. We couldn’t get a lot of the glue off and ended up having to skim coat the wall with drywall compound.

Hallway before:


Hallway after:


It’s so much brighter and cleaner looking, isn’t it? I think the paint color was called creamy white but I’m not sure. It was Behr paint. Jason also put in new lights.

Lastly, we repainted the foyer. Here it is before:


So dark and gloomy. The after is so much better, at least I think so. Here’s the after:


We went through so many green samples before deciding on Benjamin Moore Pear Green. It’s brighter in real life than it looks in that picture. At least it’s brighter than it looks on my screen. I really like the green foyer but I hate the way that rug looks with the walls now. I want a bright, colorful rug, not an old-fashioned Oriental rug.

So, that’s what we’ve done so far. I think painting the living room is next. Should be relatively painless, I hope!

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