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A Day Together

Because of Jason’s work schedule, we very rarely get to spend the entire day together. It normally only happens when he takes a weekend day off and that’s usually because we’re going somewhere or we have some sort of plans. We don’t really ever have a day to just bum around together very often. Mondays are his normal day off so we actually had the whole day yesterday to spend with one another.

We decided to go to brunch in the morning at Murphy’s. Neither one of us had been there before but it’s actually where Murphy the dog’s name came from. When we were thinking about getting a dog, we were literally driving around calling out names of places and streets to see if any of them were a good fit for a dog name. Murphy stuck.


I had the Eggs San Francisco with no hollandaise sauce.


Even though we heard great things, neither one of us were too impressed by this restaurant. I’m not very into Southern-style food, which is what this was, Jason realized he didn’t like poached eggs which is what he ordered and to top it off, our server kind of sucked.

Dinner, however, was much better! Because Memorial Day is somehow synonymous with barbecueing, we fired up the grill.


On the menu were Black Bean Burgers from Daily Garnish, veggie kabobs with mushroom, onion, red pepper, cherry tomato and zucchini and grilled corn. Our eyes were a bit bigger than our stomachs and we were too full to eat the corn.


(There are three burgers because dividing the recipe in half was easier than dividing it into thirds!)


All washed down with a cold beer that I’ve had in my fridge for over a month!

I try to be mature about it on the blog and not constantly whine, but it’s really hard to only have rare days that you can spend with your husband. I try to tell myself that it makes us cherish them more.

Too Hot

Here’s the thing about living in Atlanta: festival season quickly turns into hot as hell season. There are still festivals going on, but they aren’t quite as fun when it’s 90 something degrees outside with the sun bearing down.

Despite the warm temps, Alayna, her husband Jeff and I set out to explore the Decatur Arts Festival. We first met up for lunch at Raging Burrito. We started out with a pitcher of margaritas. I’m not normally a big margarita drinker. Mostly because I don’t like the taste of sour mix and I feel like if I’m going to be drinking a high-calorie beverage, it needs to be one that I enjoy. However, every now and then, I feel like having one and today was one of those days.


I got the Frisco taco salad on top of lettuce instead of chips. I’m not sure where the spinach and cucumber were, because they weren’t in my salad. It was basically vegetarian chili on top of lettuce. I’m okay with that though.


After our bellies were full, we set out to look at some art and met up with my friend Erin. There were lots of booths with fun things to look at and it wasn’t extremely crowded, which was nice.


We lasted for maybe 20 minutes before finding a shaded area to sit down. There were bands playing so we listened to music and people watched for a while.


We attempted to look around some more but the heat just became somewhat unbearable so we took a look at one more row of booths and called it a day.


Murphy, on the other hand, was chilling (literally) at home with his new summer hairdo. We didn’t intend for it to be this short and he looks sort of funny and much smaller than he did before. But I’m sure he’s much more comfortable. He was also feeling festive, I guess.


Forks Over Knives

Jason and I went to see Forks Over Knives last night. If you haven’t seen it, the whole premise of the movie is that we can control our health with what we eat. Forks over knives (medical knives, like scalpels). It’s based on the separate research of two doctors – Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esslestyn, both of whom came to separate conclusions that a plant-based (aka vegan) diet can stop and, in some cases, reverse a whole slew of medical problems.

I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor. I just have an interest in food and health. I’ve read a bunch of articles on this and I’ve read Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study. (Just a side note that I thought the book was totally boring because it was a scientific study. I’m a girl with a degree in art and english, not science!) I’m familiar with their claims and I didn’t really learn anything that surprising in the movie. Although, it was pretty interesting to see actual examples of people who had changed their lives through their diet, it wasn’t shocking to me.

However, I really think Jason got a wake-up call. He eats the Standard American Diet. While he likes and eats vegetables and healthy stuff, his diet consists of a lot of processed food, fast food and meat. At 30 years old, I think he’s starting to realize that he’s not invincible and the choices that he makes will have an impact in regards to his health.

I agreed with lots of the points in the movie but I do wonder whether or not it’s the animal protein in the Standard American Diet (SAD) or the combination of animal protein plus processed and refined foods in the SAD that’s causing so many medical issues. Is it actually the meat itself or the general diet? That said, although I’m not a vegetarian (I eat fish), I’m a total proponent of the vegetarian diet and I think it’s hugely beneficial.

When the credits started rolling, I looked at Jason staring at the screen and said, “You were either totally affected by that movie or you want to eat a burger!” Guess which one it was?

We went to a Thai restaurant next to theater for dinner and shared two vegetarian entrees! While Jason eats my vegetarian meals at home, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him order a vegetarian entree at a restaurant where meat was available.


While I was running this morning (5 miles, most I’ve done in like a month!), I was thinking about something. Like I said, I’m not a vegetarian; I eat fish and seafood. Why? Really the sole reason (is sole a type of fish? No pun intended!) is that going out to eat is a huge part of my social life. I want to try new restaurants and not feel like I can’t go places because there is nothing on the menu for me. So I eat fish because then I know there will always be something I can eat. Sometimes I feel guilty about it. I’m not vegetarian simply because it’s easier not to be. But, as I came to realize on today’s run, I’m still doing something. Just because I’m not 100% whatever label doesn’t mean that I’m not making a difference in my own health. Something is better than nothing.

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