Which Wich – Subway on Steroids

During lunch yesterday, my co-worker and I decided to drive down to Atlantic Station to check out this boutique warehouse sale. It was a big room filled with clothing from a lot of local boutiques at deep discounts.


I tried on some dresses and some designer jeans but didn’t really see anything that I was in love with so I left empty handed. I’m definitely not a fashionista, that’s for sure. Most of my clothes are from Target and Old Navy. True story.

After the sale, we decided to grab some lunch to take back to the office at Which Wich. The best way I can explain Which Wich, if you’ve never been there, is it’s like Subway on steroids. Jason and I recently had a conversation about sub shops. I’ll eat at Subway every now and again, but the other ones like Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s and Quizno’s, well, they just don’t have a lot of options if you don’t want meat and especially if you don’t want meat or cheese. Which Wich, on the other hand, does.



I ended up getting a salad instead of a sandwich and it was exactly the type of salad that I would make for myself at home – black bean patty, hummus, avocado, salsa, black olives and various other veggies.


The black bean patty wasn’t stellar, but I wanted some sort of protein. Their website says that my combination only has 300 calories, but I think they might have grossly underestimated the amount of hummus and avocado that they put on there. I will choose to believe the website though.

Unfortunately, I’ve come down with a little cold. I very rarely get sick so I’m a total baby when I do. Don’t be surprised if you see me whining on twitter or facebook later. And, I’m glad you all (not y’all, I don’t say y’all, I’ll always be a Yankee at heart. Although using the term Yankee is a very Southern thing to do.) like my blog even though I’m not the greatest of cooks. I’m good at eating, at least.

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18 Responses to Which Wich – Subway on Steroids

  1. This is my husbands favorite sandwich place…I always get the black bean and then say “this is bland”…haha, I need to find a combo I like!

  2. I used to love Which Wich back in college, but I never tried the salads.
    I hope you feel better!!!

  3. Sorry you’re sick!I’ve been to that same boutique sale 3 years in a row and never bought anything either.

  4. feel better chicky! The salad looks delicious- 300 calories or not :) I haven’t eaten at a sub shop in forever. I do like Jimmy Johns bread though. And their pickles (deliciousness)

  5. Which Wich looks fun – I think around here there’s only Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy Johns!

  6. Tina just ate at Which Wich, too. Makes me jealous – it looks great. :)

    • I know. Weird coincidence. So did another blogger – Brooke from Exercise to Fries. I guess it’s what the ATL kids are doing nowadays!

  7. When I moved to Texas I vowed never to say “y’all”. I say it all the time now. It just kinda happened. But I don’t say “fixin” — much.

    Your salad looks yummy!

  8. Too funny! I guess smart minds think alike! :)

  9. Aw, I’m sorry you’re sick! I get sick constantly and I’m still a total baby about it. Whining is totally aloud when you feel miserable :)

  10. So sorry you are sick, I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Ahh! We have a Which Wich here and I’m dying to try it! Your salad looks awesome, and I would choose to believe the menu, too. haha :) Even if it is underestimated, indulging on hummus and guac isn’t the same as eating too many peanut butter cups. Load it up! :)

  12. I’ve actually been there once and it wasn’t that good :(

  13. I miss Which Wich so much … heck, I’d go for a Jersey Mikes or a Quizno’s. There are TWO Subways here, within five minutes of each other. How does a small town need two Subways on the same road??

    And Target? Old Navy? Um, you are TOTALLY a fashionista! Because that’s where all of my clothes are from. 😉

  14. If you ever go back to Which Wich, try the mozzarella and pesto sandwich. It’s my favorite!

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