My Two Nurses

I’m still sick! I didn’t go to work today. I really thought I would feel better but I woke up all congested and decided not to go. Really sucks because I don’t get paid sick time. (Don’t get me started on that. I wasn’t aware of it when I accepted the job.) But I really wasn’t feeling up to it. I think I’ll feel better tomorrow. My sinuses are really clogged but Sudafed seems to be helping. I actually feel much better now than I did when I woke up so that’s good.

Since today is Jason’s day off, he got to be my nurse. Much better than being home alone. I really wanted some soup, so nurse Jason went to L’Thai and got me some food.


Soup and fried tofu cures all. Sort of. That and Eric Northman. We might have watched three episodes of True Blood Season 3. Since we don’t have HBO, we’re a season behind and the only reason we just watched three is that we ran out of dvds.


[image source]

Of course, I can’t forget my second nurse – Murphy.


He did a really great job of cleaning up my Kleenex’s. Never mind that he wanted to eat them afterward.

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