Overdid It

I feel much better today. Not 100%, but so much better. I went to work and aside from a few sneezes and coughs, I was fine. So fine, in fact, that I decided that I needed to go to the gym afterward. I’ve read all that stuff about how it’s fine to work out if you feel bad above the neck (i.e. a cold) but honestly, I felt like crap all weekend. It was hard enough to go to take Murphy for a walk around the block. The gym was definitely not in the cards. As much as I know that it’s best to listen to my body when it asks for rest, and mine really was, I slept for like 12 hours both nights, I still get a little bit antsy when I don’t work out for days at a time.

So today, I met Jason at the gym after work. I thought that it’d be better to do weights instead of cardio, so I did the bikini plan from the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises again. I really like this workout. It really feels like I’m getting stronger. It doesn’t seem like a long workout when you look at it on paper, but it took me an hour to complete.

I had planned to go to the grocery store and make a vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie for dinner because Jason saw something about Shepherd’s Pie on tv last night and wanted to try it. I think that I pushed myself a little too hard though because by the time I got home from Kroger, I was exhausted and Shepherd’s Pie was not going to happen.

Hello Kashi pizza (with extra added veggies). Kashi Pizza, you are good but three servings, you’ve got to be kidding me? If I wasn’t splitting you with Jason, I could definitely eat you all.


with a side of Baked Doritos if I’m being honest. Maybe I’ll feel good enough to cook tomorrow.

Do you work out when you’re sick?

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