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Oops, I Did It Again

For the past couple of years now, I’ve been running two half-marathons a year: one in the spring and one in the fall. But without fail, every single year between my spring race


and my fall (or vice versa),


running somehow takes a backseat. A backseat to what, I don’t know. Without the rigidity of a training plan, my runs inevitably get shorter and fewer and farther in between. Part of it is the weather, I guess. Living in Georgia, the winters aren’t too terrible, but the summers, you basically have to wake up at 5am if you want to run outside.

Every time I run a half, I tell myself that I’m not going to slack on running when it’s over. I’m going to keep it up and the next half will be easier and I will be faster. And each time, I don’t.

My last half-marathon was in March. Since then, I think I’ve run a few 5-milers but most of my runs have been 3 miles or less. I did it again! I don’t know why I always do this to myself. I know that I’m going to be running a half in the fall (race TBD) and yet I let myself lose all the endurance that I’d built up in the spring. D’oh.

I hadn’t run for a week. I actually did intend to but my cold kind of prevented that. I went to the gym tonight and started making excuses. My chest felt a little bit tight and I convinced myself that running would just be awful and I should do the arc trainer instead. I did that for 15 minutes before I realized that if I don’t want to start from square one again when I start training for the race, I should probably, you know, run.

So I did. As much as I’m kicking myself for losing my endurance, I figure I’m not going to get it back unless I work for it.

Do you find yourself running less after a big race?

Random Stuff

1. Thank you so much for liking Piggy Toes on facebook. We are up to 504 fans! I promise I don’t send out annoying status updates that often. If you have kids (or nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, whatever) and would like them to be our fan of the week, let me know. They’ll get a free book in the mail.

2. I discovered that instagram is really cool. I had more fun taking pictures of the mall than shopping.


3. I’m going to Florida on Saturday for my great uncle’s 90th birthday party. I keep telling people that he’s my uncle instead of my great uncle and everyone seems quite confused to how I have an uncle that’s 30 years older than my parents. I don’t. He’s my great uncle. I’m coming back on Sunday. Short trip.

4. My cold has turned into a cough and chest congestion. I think I’ve consumed more cold medicine in the past week than I have in a few years. I’m typically not big on medicine, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

5. I went to the gym tonight with the intention of running. I forgot my headphones. No headphones = no run. I can run without music outside, even though I don’t like to, but on the treadmill, forget about it. I thought it was probably for the best since I keep coughing anyway. So I did a lifting workout instead. I also discovered that my deodorant is no longer working.

6. I made that Shepherd’s Pie that I was going to make on Tuesday. Except I altered a lot of things and forgot to put tomato paste and some spices in it altogether. Still, I think it turned out pretty good. Nothing a little bit of marinara sauce can’t fix anyway.


Shepherd’s Pie
adapted from the Engine 2 Diet

3 Yukon gold potatoes
1/2 cup milk alternative (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk because that’s what I had. You can’t taste the vanilla, promise.)
12 oz frozen corn
1 large onion, diced
16 oz portobello mushrooms, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
16 oz vegetarian meat crumbles
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
salt and pepper to taste

1. Steam potatoes until soft. Then mash them with milk, nutritional yeast and salt.

2. Cook onions and mushrooms until translucent. Add garlic and salt to taste.

3. Put vegetarian crumbles in bottom of casserole dish. Top with onion/mushroom mixture and then with a layer of corn. Top with mashed potatoes.

4. Cook for 45 minutes at 400.

It would have been better if I remembered to add the tomato paste, Bragg’s Aminos and worcestershire sauce to the crumbles. Oops. I guess I got impatient and didn’t realize it.


Can you do me a favor

I normally don’t like to mix business with pleasure, but I’m in charge of my company’s facebook page and if we get 500 followers, I get..something. We’re at 486! I work for a children’s book publisher so it might be of more interest to you if you have kids, but even if you don’t, can you please follow them on facebook? I’d be really happy if I got my special prize.

Piggy Toes Press on Facebook

Overdid It

I feel much better today. Not 100%, but so much better. I went to work and aside from a few sneezes and coughs, I was fine. So fine, in fact, that I decided that I needed to go to the gym afterward. I’ve read all that stuff about how it’s fine to work out if you feel bad above the neck (i.e. a cold) but honestly, I felt like crap all weekend. It was hard enough to go to take Murphy for a walk around the block. The gym was definitely not in the cards. As much as I know that it’s best to listen to my body when it asks for rest, and mine really was, I slept for like 12 hours both nights, I still get a little bit antsy when I don’t work out for days at a time.

So today, I met Jason at the gym after work. I thought that it’d be better to do weights instead of cardio, so I did the bikini plan from the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises again. I really like this workout. It really feels like I’m getting stronger. It doesn’t seem like a long workout when you look at it on paper, but it took me an hour to complete.

I had planned to go to the grocery store and make a vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie for dinner because Jason saw something about Shepherd’s Pie on tv last night and wanted to try it. I think that I pushed myself a little too hard though because by the time I got home from Kroger, I was exhausted and Shepherd’s Pie was not going to happen.

Hello Kashi pizza (with extra added veggies). Kashi Pizza, you are good but three servings, you’ve got to be kidding me? If I wasn’t splitting you with Jason, I could definitely eat you all.


with a side of Baked Doritos if I’m being honest. Maybe I’ll feel good enough to cook tomorrow.

Do you work out when you’re sick?

My Two Nurses

I’m still sick! I didn’t go to work today. I really thought I would feel better but I woke up all congested and decided not to go. Really sucks because I don’t get paid sick time. (Don’t get me started on that. I wasn’t aware of it when I accepted the job.) But I really wasn’t feeling up to it. I think I’ll feel better tomorrow. My sinuses are really clogged but Sudafed seems to be helping. I actually feel much better now than I did when I woke up so that’s good.

Since today is Jason’s day off, he got to be my nurse. Much better than being home alone. I really wanted some soup, so nurse Jason went to L’Thai and got me some food.


Soup and fried tofu cures all. Sort of. That and Eric Northman. We might have watched three episodes of True Blood Season 3. Since we don’t have HBO, we’re a season behind and the only reason we just watched three is that we ran out of dvds.


[image source]

Of course, I can’t forget my second nurse – Murphy.


He did a really great job of cleaning up my Kleenex’s. Never mind that he wanted to eat them afterward.

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