Vegas Healthy Style

Even though Vegas is sort of synonymous with indulgence, there is a way to stay healthy here and I think we did that yesterday.

First, I woke up and did a 4 mile run in the cardio room. Our hotel has this ridiculous mandatory resort fee (maybe they all do?) which includes free internet and free access to the cardio room. I figured since I’m already paying for it, I might as well check it out. The cardio room was pretty nice. It was, hence the name, strictly cardio equipment and had about 6 treadmills, 4 ellipticals and a few bikes. All of the machines had personal tvs and I entertained myself for 40 minutes by watching Dance Moms.

After I finished running and we got ready for the day, we headed back to the Palazzo to eat lunch at Canyon Ranch Grill. Let me tell you, if you aren’t staying in the Palazzo, this restaurant is extremely hard to find. It’s actually in the room part of the hotel, not the shopping part. We finally managed to find it and I’m glad we did. I ordered a coffee and they had NuNaturals stevia! I was really excited about this. I’m obviously a big nerd.


We split the Lebanese platter for an appetizer – hummus and babh ghanoush with some flatbread. I don’t typically like eggplant unless it’s mushed up like this. I didn’t think I was someone who was bothered by food textures, but I just can’t stomach big chunks of eggplant. However, I like it when it’s been baba ghanoushed.


I had a veggie burger for my meal. All of the food here had the calories, fat and fiber counts on the menu which I like. I sort of feel the opposite of restricted when restaurants do that. Instead of thinking, “Oh, I shouldn’t order such and such because it has a lot of calories,” I generally think, “Oh, the such and such isn’t as bad as I thought, I should get it.”


After lunch, we set out to find Gold and Silver Pawn, the pawn shop on Pawn Stars, one of Jason’s favorite shows. It’s on the strip, but way downtown so we took the Monorail to last stop and then decided to walk 1.5 miles to the pawn shop. It was definitely a little bit seedier up there.


There were lots of wedding chapels and strip clubs.


We found the pawn shop and went inside. It was really crowded. I’m not a huge fan on the tv show so I didn’t really recognize anything, but Jason did. There were a ton of people working there, not like what you see on tv.


In addition to the stuff that people sold, they also had a lot of Pawn Stars merchandise. I thought about buying a t-shirt but didn’t. Jason ended up selling two necklaces that he brought for that purpose.

We walked the 1.5 miles back to the monorail hung out in the room for a bit before going back out for the night. The plan was to get dressed up and see Le Reve and have a fancy dinner at the Wynn to celebrate Jason’s birthday (which is today).


The Wynn is definitely the nicest hotel that we’ve been in. There were pretty lights and trees everywehre.


We didn’t exactly know what Le Reve was, only that it was some sort of water acrobatics show and Jamie and Dave recommended it. I’m glad we listened to them because it was really cool. Lots of gymnastics, acrobatics and diving. Half the time, I was just trying to figure out how these people were strong enough to do some of those tricks. I’d definitely recommend see it if you’re in Vegas. It’s similar to a Cirque show.


(I am not that short. I’m standing on a different step.)

After Le Reve, I was starving. We had 9:30 dinner reservations at Lakeside in the Wynn but it was only 8:30. We went to the casino, lost some money and decided to see if they could accommodate us early.

The restaurant was really nice with a view of a big waterfall. I was excited to try it also because all of the Wynn and Encore’s restaurants have vegan menus. I’m not a vegan, obviously, but I like vegan food and was really curious to try upscale vegan food for that matter. We started off with a cocktail. I had some sort of white sangria. It was delicious and that fruit makes it healthy, right?


It was also Las Vegas restaurant week so there was the option of getting a 3-course Prix Fixe menu. I didn’t get it because I wanted to try the vegan stuff, but Jason did. Since he was getting an appetizer, I decided that I didn’t want to be left out and got the vegetable soup.



It was delicious. I love soup. Jason got the Maryland Crab Cakes.


For my entree, I had the grilled hearts of palm,


while Jason had the petit filet.


We both enjoyed our meals a lot, although for some reason, I was extremely full after my soup and couldn’t finish mine. Trust me, that’s not normal. Jason’s meal came with a dessert (he choose a little cake) and the waiter brought him a red velvet birthday cupcake too. Somehow I was able to clear some room from my stomach and try them. Imagine that.


And that was our healthy day in Vegas, although today might be a different story because I think we’re going to try a buffet.

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18 Responses to Vegas Healthy Style

  1. so impressed by your morning run! :) looks like such a great time, and i want that veggie burger!!!

  2. Looks like lots of fun and good eats!

  3. I wish more restaurants would include the nutritional info on the menu– I’m like you, it makes me feel so much less restricted!

    Looks like you’re having a great trip! Happy birthday to Jason!

  4. Wow a run and healthy eating choices–good work! The few times I’ve been to Vegas have not been even close to that healthy. You look great in the pictures, by the way!

  5. You are the picture of Vegas health! :) Glad to see you guys are having fun. That chocolate cakes dessert looks worthy of making lots of extra room for.

  6. Happy birthday, Jason! Glad you two had a good time in LV.

  7. That really is a healthy day! My Vegas days are usually gluttonous with lots of booze on the side :)

  8. All of that food looks delicious!!

    My hubby LOVES Pawn Stars – I didn’t even realize they were in Vegas (shows how much I pay attention when it’s on). Guess I know one place we will be visiting in December.

    That is an ADORABLE picture of you guys together. Enjoy the buffet today!!

  9. you look gorgeous in these pics! (well you always look great, for the record!) I love that the restaurant had cals listed, that’s awesome. I am sort of in the same camp as you – would rather order something that may be a little more caloric but actually be LESS caloric than you’d think. Yummy burger!

  10. Josh watches that show on occasion! Very cool that you visited! Your vegan dinner looks awesome-i love hearts of palm. Happy bday jason

  11. Oh my that burger and that sangria!!! They both look awesome. Happy birthday to Jason!!

  12. Those are some awesome pics of you two, I LOVE your hair shorter, it looks so good on you!!

  13. ooh, i forgot about dance moms!!! love.

  14. So fun! Happy birthday Jason!!
    We ate at Lakeside for the reception of the wedding I went to recently. I had the vegan mushroom risotto which was really good.

  15. Fruit totally makes sangria healthy. That’s absolutely why I drink so much of it – I’m being healthy. Yes, definitely. 😉 Happy Birthday to Jason!

  16. I am the same as you…I like knowing the nutritional information on the menu because I feel less restricted too. I always think things have a bazillion calories and fat grams and then am surprised when they don’t. Hey…at least it isn’t the other way around…that would suck.

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