Stadium Pretzel

I’ve still been feeling burnt out from running. My legs are tired and I’m really looking forward to my race(s), mostly so I can stop running so damn much! Last night, I took a break and went to a baseball game with Jason and our friends Emily and Brian.




We went directly after work and I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner beforehand. I knew that this would happen and I knew that I’d end up eating something crappy because I don’t think Turner Field really has anything besides crappy food.


I really like soft pretzels, okay? The game was fun, even though the Braves did terribly. They didn’t even score a run until the last inning.


Normally, I’d be upset at myself for eating a pretzel for dinner, but last night I wasn’t and I think that is important to note. I am good with moderation. Really good. I run a lot but sometimes I drink a lot too. I never eat fast food, but I do eat processed food. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week, but sometimes I half ass it. But while I’m actually good at moderation and feel like I’m a pretty well-rounded person, what I struggle with is being okay with it.

Even though my behavior isn’t always healthy, instead of enjoying the pretzel or the beer, I beat myself up for it. I strive for some unrealistic goal of being healthy all the time, whatever that means. I think maybe I’m afraid that if I let myself be okay with it (eating stadium food, drinking beer, whatever), then that means I’ll do it all the time and that really isn’t the case. I know what is good for me and what isn’t. I know how I feel when I have certain foods.

So if I’m going to engage in the behavior sometimes, I should just enjoy it, right? Cause what’s life without a soft pretzel and a cheap beer at a baseball game? Did I have another pretzel and beer tonight? No, I went to the gym and ran five miles and ate a healthy dinner.

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23 Responses to Stadium Pretzel

  1. Yah man!! And soft pretzels are the jam. I got the book today-thank youuuu

  2. You definitely shouldn’t beat yourself up over things like that…I had movie popcorn for dinner tonight, haha. Just enjoy it, right? It’s not an every night thing!

    Glad you got a break off from the running.

  3. It’s a once-in-awhile thing, not everyday. And soft pretzels are just SO good — it’s hard to pass up — and a better choice than greasy nachos.

  4. It’s a-OK in my book to give in to a craving now and then, even if that craving isn’t exactly “healthy” – because if you deprive yourself constantly, you’re bound to A) be really unhappy and B) cave and gorge yourself one day because you are so wound up from NOT ever enjoying the little treats we all love. So that’s a long way of saying, I’m glad you enjoyed that soft pretzel…mm, so good with mustard!

  5. I definitely think it’s healthy and smart to allow yourself to eat junk once in a while without guilt. Life is too short for guilt over food.

  6. I know what you mean about still wanting to “care” so that way it doesn’t just become the standard…but agree it’s also possible to be aware without self-defeating. I have my moments too. I guess I try to plan ahead for moments I know will be away from my standard health habits. Perhaps the “planned” part helps me feel more in control so I can enjoy it more?

  7. I love a good Braves game, haven’t been to one in so long! I tend to beat myself up too when I eat something “crappy” but I try to just remember that it’s engaging in that type of diet ALL the time that makes people unhealthy, not a treat here or there in an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Still hard to fight off that feeling though.

  8. I beat myself up too, sometimes. It’s hard, but try to not be so hard on yourself. We all deserve a pretzel and beer sometimes.

  9. Soft pretzels are my favorite thing to get at ballparks, fairs, carnivals…i love them especially the salted ones!

  10. I totally know what you mean, but like you said I try to remember that overall I’m healthy and make good choices when it comes to food and exercise. I also know that feeling of being burnt out from running. I pressed snooze a million times this morning and skipped my run.

    • Tina (FFF) and I are doing a 15K in Peachtree City on 10/15. I’m doing that instead of a training run. You should do it with us. I feel like doing a race is much more appealing than doing a long run.

  11. I’m not very good at moderation. I kind of used to be, but now I’d say my eating/exercise habits are more 35% good, 65% bad. Haha, oh well.

  12. Life w/o soft pretzels is pretty much not worth living, I think!

  13. you rock, lady. and the BEST part about a summer job i had in philly was having soft pretzels w/ spicy mustard for breakfast…and having it be totally normal to everyone (incl the office mate who made the ru with me)

  14. A like without giant soft pretzels covered in salt crystals dipped in melty cheese or mustard is no life at all. :)

  15. I think different personalities view moderation and “cheats” in different ways. I’ve always been a middle-of-the-road person and I rarely do anything to the extreme so I’ve always been okay with breaking the mold and hopping right back in. But you’re not alone! And on a completely unrelated note, if your baseball stadium has cheap beer…ENJOY! They’re always like $9 at Wrigley!

  16. re-commenting…it bugs me that it is hard to get a regular-ole soft pretzel these days. i do like salt on mine (and spicy mustard if i am i a context where i can dip rather than squiggle and get messy) but it don’t like the buttery ones that seem to be the norm these days.

  17. Moderation is great! And I’m glad you didn’t beat yourself up over a beer and pretzel for dinner. Life’s way too short to be so tough on yourself. Plus it looks like you had lots of fun and enjoyed the pretzel :)

  18. Amen. Finally getting to this post and I can TOTALLY relate. There is a sense of balance to be had and sometimes that means a preztel and beer and sometimes that means an extra hard workout too. I hope you are feeling better now – I am too! – and aren’t beating yourself up!

  19. That’s great you’re able to have that mentality. I’ve read a lot of blogs about balance and moderation, and somehow I know that that’s the key!

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