Pre-Holiday Blogger Bash

Last night, I attended a pre-holiday blogger dinner at Tuk Tuk. There are lots of bloggers in the Atlanta area and last night, eleven of them (plus me) showed up.


Stacy, Tracy and Laura.


Traci, Carol and Heather.


Tina and Kristy.


Alayna, Brooke and Heather.


And Kristy and Me. (Linking to all those blogs took forever!)

We started out sitting at the bar for an hour, trying out some of the appetizers. I only ended up getting a decent picture of one of them – the Mieng Kum which was a spinach wrap with lime, ginger, onions, roasted peanuts and coconut with a caramelized palm sugar. I also tried the Thai samosa and the Roti Ke-Yow Whan which was crispy roti with a spicy green curry dipping sauce. I could have eaten that sauce with a spoon, but I refrained.


I actually sort of liked being at the bar because I was able to walk around and talk to everyone. However, after a while, we all got hungry and were sat at a table. I wasn’t starving and honestly, I felt a little guilty for spending money on drinks, so I got a smaller dinner – the Tom Yum Koong – shrimp in a lemongrass broth. The waitress suggested that I get a bowl of rice with the soup if I wanted to have it as an entree, so that’s what I did.


For dessert, we were given a huge Bangkok snow cone to share. And for some reason, I didn’t try it. Blasphemy!


Looks good though. All in all, a fun night with fun friends.

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27 Responses to Pre-Holiday Blogger Bash

  1. Last night was a good time, good to see you again! Don’t worry about missing the snow cone. It kinda tasted like bubble gum.

  2. I love that you took pictures of everyone, Elena and I were cut out of my picture at the table. :) Had a great time!

  3. Looks like a great night! The sno cone sounds interesting! I’ve never seen than done at a restaurant.

  4. How fun!!!! I’m always jealous of blogger meet ups, because there aren’t any (that I know of ) around me!!
    The sno cone looks freaking awesome!

  5. Looks so fun, wish I could have been there! Hopefully next time I will be in town! :)

  6. Looks like an awesome time!! The snow cone looks wicked good!

  7. Yes, yes lets do the pot luck!! I was so glad to get to sit next to you- the first blogger I ever met! <3 I hope we do trivia too!

  8. I had tons of fun last night and enjoyed getting to chat with you!

  9. It looks like y’all had so much fun! One day I will make it to one of these. 😉

  10. So fun :) We haven’t done a Charleston meet up in forever. I need to get on that. Y’all look like you have so much fun. That snow cone is such a unique dessert

  11. You’re so good with the linkage and the pics… I was way too lazy. :)

    Good times last night. Looking forward to a potluck!

  12. It was such a fun night! We definitely need to do another get together sometimes around the holidays again.

    And for the record – i would have eaten that sauce with a spoon too. 😉

  13. Looks like a good time! How fun that you have so many bloggers close by.

  14. Yummy looking food. I’m always jealous of blogger get togethers :)

  15. Wow, that is a huge meet up! I once met up with about that many bloggers, in Chicago, back in 2007 (for some reason, that phrasing just made me feel old!) but most of them aren’t even blogging anymore!

  16. I met Laura at Foodbuzz and love her!! :)

  17. Is Laura as cool in person as she is on her blog?

  18. it was great meeting you Lee! i wish we could have talked more but hopefully we will get another chance soon at a holiday party!

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