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Running Sunglasses Review

You know how there are some people who just cannot go without sunglasses?  I’m not one of those people.  Sure, I have a pair or three, but I often forget to bring them with me when I go places.   I know that in my mid 30s, I should probably make more of an effort to wear sunglass when I’m outside to protect against wrinkles, so when Sunglasses Shop offered to send me a pair of running sunglasses, I was definitely game to try them out.

Sunglasses shop is based in the UK and offers all kinds of different sunglasses from designer sunglasses like Oakley and Ran-Ban (I’m not going to lie, I wish they offered me those) to motorcycle glasses and even skiing googles.  Even though it was coming from the UK, the order shipped pretty quickly.  They offered me a pair of the SXUC sunglasses and I chose the black matte color.

These came the other day and I was able to try them out during a walk with Murphy this afternoon.  While I wouldn’t really wear these as fashion glasses, I think they’d work fine for running.  They seemed to stay on my nose really well, although I wish the nose bridge was made of something more rubbery than hard plastic.  They blocked a fair amount of light without being too dark, which was nice.

Sunglasses front

I’ll definitely try to remember to bring these with me on runs.  Although they aren’t big lenses, you can see that they definitely protect a good bit around the eye which I think is helpful for preventing wrinkles.

Sunglasses Shop would like to send a reader a pair of the same glasses.  All you have to do is like them on Facebook and leave a comment telling me that you did so.  I will pick a winner on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!  I’m meeting a friend to see Djanjo Unchained.  I have tomorrow off.  It’s kind of awesome that it feels like Sunday night (and is), but it’s really kind of like Friday night.

Disclaimer: I received these sunglass for free to review.  I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

The Difference

In hindsight this was sort of stupid, but when I signed up for Weight Watchers, I didn’t weigh myself.  I had been to the doctor (side note: I don’t know how much having a baby costs, but NOT having one is going to cost me about $1300 and that’s with insurance covering a large chunk of it.  Lovely.  Serious salt in the wound, right?)  a few days earlier and I just used that weight.  That was dumb because I was weighed in the middle of the day with my clothes, including shoes, on.  I think I rationalized that number being higher because of those reasons and I didn’t want to step on my home scale and see that same number.  So, I don’t know how much weight I’ve actually lost in the past almost two weeks.  I’m estimating that the number that I saw at the doctor was about 2 lbs higher than normal, maybe 3 and I am down 2 lbs from that, 5 lbs from the original number.  See, dumb, right?

I’ve really made an effort to count every single thing that I’ve eaten and whereas my meals have basically stayed the same as they were before, I’ve made a huge cut back in my snacking.  Seeing how it added up was a major wake up call for me.  I was always pretty frustrated because I felt like I ate pretty healthy and I couldn’t lose weight but now I totally see why.  I thought it would be interesting to compare everything that I’ve been eating since joining Weight Watchers with what I would have eaten before.


Breakfast burrito

This was a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee.  It’s pretty much exactly what I would have eaten before.

Morning snack:


Grapefruit.  Before, I would have had something carby, like some sort of granola bar probably, maybe yogurt.


Barley salad

Jelly beans

Looks ugly, I know.  This was this barley salad that I’d make earlier in the week (recipe came from the PDQ vegetarian cookbook) over some spinach with a tiny bit of Annie’s Green Goddess dressing.  Afterward, I had a small amount of jelly beans.   Like breakfast, this is very similar to a lunch I would have had before.

Afternoon snack:

Fage cherry

I know the container says it’s pronouced “fay-eh” but I still say fage like rhymes with age in my head.  Again, similar to what I would have eaten before.

So that was the work day.  Really the only big difference is that I had fruit in the morning instead of a more carby snack.  The real changes begin when I get home from work.  I got into the habit of snacking either as soon as I got home or while I was making dinner.  I would eat maybe some spoonfuls of leftovers or some crackers or something like that.  It didn’t seem like a lot but I was probably adding a good 200+ calories to my meal, maybe more.


Fish dinner

This is an awful picture, but this is Trader Joe’s frozen Hake en Papillote with roasted broccoli and about 1/3 of a russet potato, also roasted.  This was the first time that I bought this particular fish and was unimpressed with how little fish was actually in the package.  It was mostly veggies and a sauce, both of which were good but the piece of fish was tiny.

I would have made a similar dinner before.  However, I probably would have gone back for seconds.  It’s really true that your body doesn’t register fullness for a while.  I am always still hungry when I finish eating, but lately, I’ve been ignoring the feeling and it goes away after a while.  I did, however, have a dessert.

Frozen yogurt wheels

Don’t let the “greek frozen yogurt” label trick you into thinking these are any different than Skinny Cows.  Again, a similar dessert that I would have had before.  After dessert, I played on the computer, talked to my brother and watched tv for a few hours before I went to bed.  In the past, I definitely would have been munching again, maybe on some cereal, but I fought the urge.

This was a total of 28 points, by the way.  I actually only get 26, but I’ve been fine going over by a few points each day.  They give you extra weekly points that you can use like that or you can kind of bank for a special meal.  I’ve been doing a combination of both.

It’s been very eye-opening to see that the incessant snacking was what was holding me back.  Now, I guess I could just not do that and not pay for Weight Watchers, but it’s been helpful in keeping me accountable for everything.  I think this program is going to work.  I am hoping to be back in my skinny jeans (which fit, but they are a little snug) in about a month.  Then hopefully we’ll try the baby thing again and they’ll be too small for a different reason.

Quiet Christmas

When I tell people that I’m not doing anything for Christmas because I don’t celebrate it, a lot of people will ask me why I don’t do something anyway, why I don’t take the time off to spend my family even though I don’t celebrate the holiday.  And the answer simply is because they live far away.  Jason’s family lives closer – about two hours – but he didn’t have the day off so we celebrated with them last weekend.  I mean, sometimes I go visit my family.  I think I went to DC last Christmas, in fact.  For a while, I thought about going to visit my father and stepmother in Florida (my stepmom does celebrate) but Jason’s schedule didn’t allow it and I didn’t want to go without him.  Anyway, that was a very long-winded way of saying that I had a very quiet Christmas.  I also used the word “celebrate” way too many times.

I decided, however, that I needed to make a nice Christmas breakfast.  Nice Christmas breakfast = egg scramble.  Special because there is a potato in there.  It’s the little things, right?

Egg scramble

Egg Scramble
Serves 1


1/2 small russet potato, diced
1/2 small green pepper, diced
1/4 tomato, diced
1/2 cup egg beaters
1/4 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste

1.  Coat a pan with cooking spray and cook potato for about 10 minutes on medium, until soft.  
2.  Add diced pepper, and cook an additional 5 minutes or so.
3.  Add tomatoes and spices and mix.
4.  Add egg beaters and cook until done, about 2-3 minutes

I should always put a potato in my eggs.  After eating and hanging out with Jason for a while, I decided to give Murphy a Christmas present and take him for a run with me.  Really, I wasn’t intending to but he saw me getting ready and demanded to come.  Let me tell you, my dog is my best buddy, but he’s not my best running buddy.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy, but he has to stop and sniff everything.  And when I say stop, I mean fully brace his legs so he cannot be moved.  This happened approximately 2700 times on our two mile run.

Lee murphy

Someone is camera shy.

I might have taken a Christmas nap before indulging in a traditional meal.

Chinese food

Totally serious.  I have had Chinese food every year on Christmas like forever.  We went the healthy route this year and got the majority of our entrees steamed.

Chinese food2

We split a veggie and tofu soup.

Tofu veggie soup

And two entrees – steamed shrimp with veggies and steamed tofu with veggies.  I requested white sauce on the side instead of the normal brown that comes with it.  I like it better.  Don’t tell me there’s chicken broth in it.  Ignorance is bliss.

Steamed chinese food

Add a little rice and you have a nice Christmas dinner.  Hope you had a Merry Christmas if you celebrate or a Merry Tuesday if you don’t.

The Liebster Award

I know it’s Christmas Eve and not that many people are sitting around reading blogs, but I thought I’d post anyway.  Amanda from Pickles & Honey nominated me for the Liebster Award.  Thanks Amanda!


Here’s how it works:

1.  Write 11 random facts about yourself.
2.  Answer 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
3.  Create 11 new questions.
4.  Nominate 11 bloggers.
5.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Okay, I’m taking the lazy way out and not giving you 11 random facts about myself.  I’m all kinds of random anyway.  Here are Amanda’s questions:

1.  Do you prefer the city or the suburbs?

Despite growing up and currently living in the suburbs, I really think I’m a city girl.  Every time I visit a new city, I pretty much want to move there and I cannot stand how Atlanta is really just a big suburb.  It’s hard to explain if you don’t live here, I guess, but it’s really, really spread out and not walkable at all.  Plus, I don’t live in the city of Atlanta anyway.


See that city in the background?  I could totally live there.  That was Philadelphia, by the way.

2.  What book are you currently reading?

I just finished Gone Girl.  I really liked it but wasn’t happy with the ending at all.

3.  Cardio or strength training?

I do both, but I prefer cardio.

4.   What place would you most like to visit?

I went to college in Burlington, Vermont and haven’t been back since I graduated and I would really like to.  Other US cities that I’d like to visit include San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and the state of Colorado in general.  And then there’s the rest of the world too, obviously.  Don’t make me choose.

5.  Favorite kind of cookie?

I like a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie.

6.  If money didn’t matter, how would you spend your days?

I can be really, really lazy so if I didn’t have to work, I’d probably take lots of naps.  I know I’m supposed to say volunteering or something, but really, napping.


7.  Do you prefer a more social setting or an intimate get-together?

I am actually pretty shy in real life, but I’m not introverted if that makes sense.  I’m like a shy extrovert.  I really like being around people and kind of hate being alone.  But I’m quiet and sometimes don’t know what to say.  And you can forget small talk; I am awful at it.  So, it depends.  If the intimate setting is with my good friends, then I prefer that, but if it’s like a dinner with two other people that I don’t really know, I’d probably prefer the larger social setting because more people would talk to me and I wouldn’t have to make extended small talk.

8.  Coffee, tea or both?

Coffee, but I sometimes drink tea at work when I’m cold or bored.

9.  What’s one of your goals for 2013?

I’d like to dress better.  This is a constant goal for me and one that I’ve never been very good at.  The problem is that I tend to shop at places like Target and Old Navy and the clothes I buy don’t always fit well.

10.  Do you have a favorite blog post that you’ve written?

I like my marathon post. Unlike a lot of other bloggers, running a marathon kind of sucked for me.  I did it once and had a bad experience and will probably never do it again (though, never say never, I guess).  I’m not sure why writing about a crappy race would be my favorite post, but I guess I just feel like it’s a very un-sugar coated view of what running 26.2 miles can be like.

11.  What’s the best part of a typical day for you?

I actually wake up about 20 minutes earlier than I need to each morning, so I can make a hot breakfast (usually eggs) and drink a cup of coffee and catch up on email, facebook, blogs etc.  I guess the fact that checking my email is the best part of the day might say something about my wee internet addiction, but whatever.  Candy Finnegan might show up at my house soon, I’m aware.  (You know who that is, right?)

Okay, so since it’s Christmas Eve and you’re probably doing something cooler than me and not reading this (because of, you know, the Jewish thing, I don’t always go somewhere for Christmas, though sometimes I do.), I’m going to do the lazy thing and not nominate anyone.  See question 6.  But if you’d like, pick one of Amanda’s questions and answer it in the comments.

Happy Holidays!


Restaurant Review: Imperial Fez

About six months ago, Jason and I purchased a Groupon for a Moroccan restaurant – Imperial Fez.  The deal was $45 for two five course meals.  We never really felt like using said Groupon until we realized it expired on Friday.  So we went on Friday.

Lee jason imperial fez

I’d actually been before, many, many years ago for a company holiday party, but I didn’t really remember anything about it.  (Not for any reason other than it was a long time ago.)  I’d read reviews on Yelp and they were mixed.  Many of them said that you had to take your shoes off upon entering, but we didn’t have to.  I was glad about that because I’d forgotten and was wearing pink fluffy socks under my boots!

It was pretty dark inside the restaurant, with small tables near the floor.  You sat either in chairs on on little couches with pillows.  Our waiter came over and explained the meal to us.  He asked us right away if anyone was vegetarian, which I appreciated because the appetizer had chicken in it and they were, after some confusion, able to make us a vegetarian version instead.

We started out with lentil soup and a plate of various salads.  I’m kind of bummed that my picture of this didn’t turn out very well, because this was the best part of the meal, I thought.

Imperial fez salad

You can see the soup in the bottom corner.  We were told what the various salads were, but I’ve forgotten.  They were good though.  After the soup and salad, we were kind of full and only sort of picked at the appetizer.  It was some sort of filo dough pastry with veggies inside.

Imperial fez app

For our entrees, we were told to choose from the menu.  I went with the Sauteed Vegetables Tajine Mhammer.

Imperial fez vegetables

And Jason had the Prawns Pappell.

Imperial fez shrimp

Maybe because we were very full at this point, but I was not very impressed with either entree.  Mine was just sort of bland and while Jason’s shrimp tasted good, his dish was incredibly oily.  We only kind of picked at our entrees, but again, we were very full from the soup and salad course.  After boxing up our leftovers, they brought us some dessert with mint tea.

Imperial fez dessert

The pastries were good but the fruit was in a syrup that was too sweet.

It was a fun experience, but one thing that I really did not like about this place was that it was really loud.  I guess a lot of people go there for birthdays and special occasions and honestly every ten minutes, these major strobe lights would flash and this “happy birthday” song would play over the loudspeaker.  It was distracting and annoying and literally happened four times while we were there.  Same thing with the belly dancers.  They were cool, but every time they came out (maybe every 20 minutes), they’d flash these bright lights and play really loud music.  Back in the day, I used to work at Joe’s Crab Shack and it sort of reminded me of that.

Sauteed Vegetables Tajine


Imperial Fez on Urbanspoon

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