Atlanta Underground Market

On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Underground Market with three lovely bloggers – Laura, Carol and Heather (and Carol’s boyfriend Jesse and Heather’s husband Kirk.)


(picture courtesy of Heather)

The market is a once a month in a different location each month. The location is revealed the day before in an email. There are 30-40 vendors selling food for anywhere from $1-$5 and it’s $5 to get in. According to their website: The vendors are a mix of home cooks, caterers, private chefs and maybe a few existing restaurants.

Laura, Carol and Heather went last month, but this was my first time. It was held at the Atlanta History Center, which I’d also never been to. The market was open from 6-9 and we decided to meet at 5:30 in the lobby. Good thing we got there early because it was CROWDED.


Despite the sheer number of people (they stopped letting people in after a while), I managed to try a lot of food including some sort of veggie dish:


Ethiopian food:


Sorrel juice (this is not wine):


and then a bunch of unpictured things such as: kale, a coconut cookie, a veggie tamale and lots of bites of whatever Laura was eating!

It was a fun experience but the crowds made it a little difficult to navigate the room. I hope that it’s in a bigger location next month and I just looked at the website and it appears that they’re going to be doing it for brunch! I’m in.

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18 Responses to Atlanta Underground Market

  1. What a cool pop up concept! Wish someone would do something similar in Cleveland!

  2. What a fun concept! Sounds like you got lots of yummy bites too!!

  3. I’m bummed I kept losing y’all while we were there haha! But so glad you made it! It was fun but you’re right- so crowded! Maybe the next one wont be as bad. We shall see.

  4. Brunch?! I hadn’t heard that, but COOL! There is bound to be different food to choose from that way, so excited! =)

    Sorry we bailed early, with feeling off all day we just couldn’t stay on our feet much longer than we did. I’m usually more fun (and so is Kirk) so we’ll have to go again next time!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Cute picture!

  6. Fun! I’d definitely like to check out the brunch themed one next time, this past weekend was just too busy.

  7. Brunch sounds AWESOME! I love that they are changing it up.

  8. Well, I just have to say GO YOU for keeping your alcohol-free-January resolution! I think that once you get in that mindset that it’s no big deal to just drink something else, it gets much easier.
    And I love the idea of this market- Frederick needs one of these asap!

  9. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon

    I love the sound of that market! It’s so cool that the location is kept secret until the last minute!

  10. So cool! Everything looks great!

  11. I wish Dallas had something like this!

  12. Okay this looks really cool! Like a speakeasy for food.

  13. Bloggie meetups are fun, especially when there’s food involved.

  14. Awesome! And that photo of the four of y’all is great! I definitely need to join you guys next time!!

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