A Pancake PR?

I’ve found the secret to my long runs.

#Whole Wheat Pancakes#

For years, I’ve been a pre-run peanut butter on toast or English muffin type of girl, but I think that I’m on to something with these pancakes. They’ve propelled me through both my nine and ten mile long runs (even when I messed up the recipe and doubled the amount of flour). But as much as I’ve enjoyed pancakes before a long run, how well will they do before a race?

I’m about to find out. I registered for the Charles Harris 10K which is this coming Saturday.

#Charles Harris logo#

I’ve done this race for the past two years. It starts about a mile from my house, which is nice and convenient. It’s not the most scenic race course (you basically run down a 4-lane road the entire time) but it’s well organized and it’s a net downhill. I always manage to convince myself that the entire race is downhill, which it isn’t. But a good part of the 5th mile is and that’s a major plus toward the end.

Last year I did this race in 59:32. I think I can beat that this year. I’m hoping for 58 something. Are pancakes the answer? Will pancakes give me a PR? Or perhaps a better question is will I be up for making pancakes at 6:30 am?

What do you eat before races?

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23 Responses to A Pancake PR?

  1. Pancakes will definitely give you the PR. I think that’s a fantastic idea. Yum. What recipe?! 😉

  2. My childhood best friend’s mom used to make us pancakes before swim meets. I still lost, but my friend did well! I suck at swimming to this day though.

    Good luck with the race! I am sooooo itching to get out there.

  3. I hope the pancakes do the trick!! I cant eat much before i run or i get a major tummy ache!!

  4. Oh pancakes, how I love thee! Perfect for prerace, right??? Good luck this weekend. I just hope I make it through my couch to 5k app tomorrow morning with Jay. Why do I feel so heave when I run? It’s frustrating because I really want to at least enjoy it a little.

  5. Mmm, haven’t had pancakes in too long. I usually have a bagel with goat cheese. So ready to start signing up for races for the year.

  6. I love whole food’s whole wheat mix with chocolate chips added in. I usually do it post-run though because I don’t have time to make them before hand…maybe I’ll give it a shot?

  7. I think I could use pancakes as any kind of fuel and be happy! Lately I have been really liking protein pancakes. I had to mess around a little until I actually found a protein powder that I liked but now I am on a pancake kick!

  8. I usually do toast and a banana. Something like honey or butter on the toast instead of pb, which sits too heavy on my stomach. Pancakes sound like they could be very promising race fuel though!

  9. These sound like some magic pancakes. I need to whip up batch!

    Yep, I’m a PB on toast kind of gal too. On race day I’ll eat a couple of my husband’s Eggo waffles with PB though. The extra fiber in the whole wheat bread I buy makes me nervous. In the context of running, it’s ok to talk about to admit that kind of stuff right? :)

  10. I still haven’t figured out what I eat before running, but it is definitely not fruit. I had an english muffin once and that went well. Maybe I need to try these pancakes!

  11. I think it will definitely be worth getting up at 6:30 am for pre-race pancakes :) Good luck!

  12. Geez those pancakes look awesome…
    This is not creative at all, my my race-fuel is typically a piece of toast with nut butter and banana. And a littttle bit of coffee. That being said, I haven’t run a race in almost 2 years now, but I’m thinking that this would still be my fuel.
    Whenever we go out to Colorado, we start every day with a big hike in the morning and I fuel up with the same thing. I call it my “Colorado breakfast.”

  13. I hope these fuel you to a big PR! :) I have a few meals I’ve been eating before races & long runs – nothing exciting, all pretty basic. Typically it’s toast with almond butter, marmite, & nooch or toast with almond butter & jelly. See boring, but my belly likes boring before long runs. :)

  14. I’m loving that I get to see you in less than a month!!!

  15. The waking up and cooking part is definitely the hardest! Good luck on Saturday! I hope you PR and start a pancake-pre-run-revolution in the blog world.

  16. Yay! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday at the race! :) You can definitely P.R. this weekend!!

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