A Pancake PR?

I’ve found the secret to my long runs.

#Whole Wheat Pancakes#

For years, I’ve been a pre-run peanut butter on toast or English muffin type of girl, but I think that I’m on to something with these pancakes. They’ve propelled me through both my nine and ten mile long runs (even when I messed up the recipe and doubled the amount of flour). But as much as I’ve enjoyed pancakes before a long run, how well will they do before a race?

I’m about to find out. I registered for the Charles Harris 10K which is this coming Saturday.

#Charles Harris logo#

I’ve done this race for the past two years. It starts about a mile from my house, which is nice and convenient. It’s not the most scenic race course (you basically run down a 4-lane road the entire time) but it’s well organized and it’s a net downhill. I always manage to convince myself that the entire race is downhill, which it isn’t. But a good part of the 5th mile is and that’s a major plus toward the end.

Last year I did this race in 59:32. I think I can beat that this year. I’m hoping for 58 something. Are pancakes the answer? Will pancakes give me a PR? Or perhaps a better question is will I be up for making pancakes at 6:30 am?

What do you eat before races?

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