11 Miles

Sunday morning came around and I did still did not want to run. I honestly thought about skipping it; I thought I could just have a two-week taper. But then I thought about how mad I’d be at myself for doing that. After a few hours of grumbling and generally acting like a bratty baby (sorry Jason!), I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.

Originally, I had these grand plans of where I’d run. First I thought I’d drive to a MARTA station and park my car there, run to another MARTA station 11 miles away and take MARTA back. That seemed like a pain so I made up another route where I could start and finish at Whole Foods. Again, it seemed like too much trouble to drive the 15 minutes to get there, so I ended up just running near my house. There’s a 7-mile loop that I like to run if I turn right at the end of my street. I turned left, ran two miles that way, two miles back and then did the 7-mile loop.

Sometimes people ask me what I think about when I run long distances. Pretty much this:

• I’ll just run slow. It won’t be that bad.
• Two miles already, this isn’t bad. Oh wait, how many more to go?
• Jason said he was going to the gym. I haven’t seen him pass by. I wonder if he skipped it.
• Oh, there’s Jason! Yay!
• Running back past my house again sucks. So tempted to stop.
• I’m at CVS. Time for a Gatorade and to eat my Gu.
• How do people not like Gu? The chocolate kind tastes like frosting.
• I’ve already run 7 miles, only 4 more to go!
• Oh, wait, I’ve only run 6 miles. Damn.
• What can I have for lunch?
• My new boots are coming tomorrow.
• I hope I don’t crap my pants.
• I hope my ipod doesn’t die. It doesn’t look like it has much juice left. (It didn’t die)
• I like my new job much better than my old job.
• Sunday Sales are on the ballot in my county on Tuesday. I wasn’t going to vote in the primary (I’m a democrat, so there’s not really a point.) but now I am. Alcohol brings out my civic pride.
• I like that my boss eats healthy food.
• My hips are hurting.
• What’s the point of an author tag on a blog? Is it just to show that the content truly belongs to that blog?
• Would anyone let me post about promotional products on their blog?
• What’s for lunch?
• My eyebrows are looking rough. I need to get them waxed, but that’ll involve wearing clothes that aren’t pajamas.
• I feel like my bra is chafing. If this bra that I spent $60 on chafes, I’m not going to be a happy camper. (it wasn’t)
• 1 mile to go!
• Keep running because it’ll hurt more and take longer if you walk.
• Oh hey, there’s Jason again. He’s going to work so I won’t see him. Boo.
• I did it!
• What’s for lunch?

And like that, 11 miles was done.

#After the run#

I got home by 1:30ish and I think that was key in making sure the run didn’t take up the entire day. I sometimes will wait until later to run (especially if it’s cold out) and by the time I get home, it’s already almost time for dinner, or at least time to think about dinner.

I made some coffee…


…ate my lunch and then proceeded to sleep for an hour and a half on the couch. Murphy was so good and didn’t wake me up demanding a walk!


(Someone needs his hair did. Looking a little fluffy.)

I actually didn’t feel tired or achy at all when I woke up, so I decided to make a good dinner.

#spinach artichoke chili#

This is spinach and artichoke white bean chili and it’s delicious. I did modify the recipe slightly. I had a 10 oz package of frozen spinach and didn’t want to only use half, so I just stuck the whole thing in there. That made it really, really thick, so I used 3 cups of broth instead of 1.5. I also used only two cans of beans. Then I topped it with parmesan.

Kitchen time wasn’t over at dinner. It was one of those days where I really felt like cooking, so I made Peach Protein Muffins for snacks to take to work.

#Peach Protein Muffins#

The peaches at the grocery store looked horrible, so I just used canned peaches, the ones in juice, not syrup. Worked for me.

I guess I managed to have a pretty productive Sunday. Having to run a long distance doesn’t have to take up the entire day. I just need to get started earlier, I realized. One more long run and then it’s the race!

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24 Responses to 11 Miles

  1. “hope I don’t crap my pants” <–LOL! that was hysterical.
    Congrats on the 11 miles!! I love the running list of what's going on in your mind! That's how I feel too. And I haven't run long in quite awhile, but as the days get longer and start to warm, I actually am looking forward to ramping back up!! (I eyed those same peach muffins to make yesterday, but got lazy!)

  2. Haha, I love this so much! “I hope I don’t crap my pants.” and “Alcohol brings out my civic pride.” just made my morning. 😉

    Great job on the run.

  3. SO glad the run ended up being a good one! Love the running commentary, I do that all the time LOL

  4. These exact thoughts go through my head EVERY long run:
    • What can I have for lunch?
    • My new boots are coming tomorrow.
    • I hope I don’t crap my pants.
    • I hope my ipod doesn’t die. It doesn’t look like it has much juice left. (It didn’t die)
    • What can I have for lunch?
    • What can I have for lunch?
    • What can I have for lunch?
    • What can I have for lunch?

    Great post! You’ll do great on the race!

  5. Awesome run! I think about many of those things too. I really need to get my voter registration sorted out. I’ve requested a form 3 times and still haven’t gotten anything, hope I at least get it sorted before the presidential elections.

  6. Your stream of consciousness made my morning. Cheers to your civic pride! :)

    Great job getting that run done! Well-deserved muffins, indeed!

  7. That is definitely a productive Sunday. That should be your last really long run before the half right? Yay!

  8. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!! Way to bang it out! I’m totally making that chili. We’re huge fans of spinach arti anything

  9. Oh my god I love this post! I love all of your thoughts while running!!!
    And great job on the 11 miles- that takes some major determination! I hope you are taking it easy today. :)
    When I work out, period, I think about “I can’t wait for this to be done so I can eat.”
    That’s it.
    Okay, when I RUN outside I think about other things, but in the gym (or even doing yoga) I think about my next meal.
    Murphy looks SO CUTE and fluffy!!!

  10. I love running in the mornings – that way I’m done by noon and still have the rest of the day left. Good job with the 11 miles!

  11. I love the brain-dump from your run – I have random, wandering thoughts, unless I’m listening to a book. :) I totally had this thought yesterday: “Keep running because it’ll hurt more and take longer if you walk.” — love it!!

  12. “I hope I don’t crap my pants.” ———> constantly going through my head when I’m working out. I like to run through Georgetown because there’s always a coffee shop to pop into for an emergency.

    Congrats on the long run :) Podcasts help me get through long workouts.

  13. lol I love this! Yay for alcohol bringing out your civic duty :) I think of the most random shiz on my longer runs too. I agree about the gu- chocolate mint tastes amazing!

    Way to get it done- you must be so relieved.

  14. haha I love your list!! My thoughts are equally as random. Congrats on the 11 miles!! How far are you running next weekend? I’ve got 8 miles scheduled but I might be going to see my parents and doing them down there.

  15. Great job on the 11! I can relate to many of your thoughts during the run (particularly the thoughts about food and how many miles I have left).

    You make some yummy looking food! It’s given me some ideas for meals. Thx!

  16. Go girl!! You did it!

  17. Great job getting that run done!!!

    And I wish we could get recordings of our thoughts during long runs. I’m sure mine would be oh so entertaining.

  18. I loved reading your thoughts while running. I sometimes wish I could tape record my thoughts while I’m running. I’ll type out blog posts in my head when I’m running, then I get home and it never sounds as good as it did in my head.

  19. Love this, and love your blog! I’m not new to running–I’ve been running since high school–but now, 17 years later, this is the first time I’m actually focusing on increasing mileage and improving my speed. Your blog was such an awesome find for me–down-to-earth and super-inspiring!!

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