11 Miles

Sunday morning came around and I did still did not want to run. I honestly thought about skipping it; I thought I could just have a two-week taper. But then I thought about how mad I’d be at myself for doing that. After a few hours of grumbling and generally acting like a bratty baby (sorry Jason!), I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.

Originally, I had these grand plans of where I’d run. First I thought I’d drive to a MARTA station and park my car there, run to another MARTA station 11 miles away and take MARTA back. That seemed like a pain so I made up another route where I could start and finish at Whole Foods. Again, it seemed like too much trouble to drive the 15 minutes to get there, so I ended up just running near my house. There’s a 7-mile loop that I like to run if I turn right at the end of my street. I turned left, ran two miles that way, two miles back and then did the 7-mile loop.

Sometimes people ask me what I think about when I run long distances. Pretty much this:

• I’ll just run slow. It won’t be that bad.
• Two miles already, this isn’t bad. Oh wait, how many more to go?
• Jason said he was going to the gym. I haven’t seen him pass by. I wonder if he skipped it.
• Oh, there’s Jason! Yay!
• Running back past my house again sucks. So tempted to stop.
• I’m at CVS. Time for a Gatorade and to eat my Gu.
• How do people not like Gu? The chocolate kind tastes like frosting.
• I’ve already run 7 miles, only 4 more to go!
• Oh, wait, I’ve only run 6 miles. Damn.
• What can I have for lunch?
• My new boots are coming tomorrow.
• I hope I don’t crap my pants.
• I hope my ipod doesn’t die. It doesn’t look like it has much juice left. (It didn’t die)
• I like my new job much better than my old job.
• Sunday Sales are on the ballot in my county on Tuesday. I wasn’t going to vote in the primary (I’m a democrat, so there’s not really a point.) but now I am. Alcohol brings out my civic pride.
• I like that my boss eats healthy food.
• My hips are hurting.
• What’s the point of an author tag on a blog? Is it just to show that the content truly belongs to that blog?
• Would anyone let me post about promotional products on their blog?
• What’s for lunch?
• My eyebrows are looking rough. I need to get them waxed, but that’ll involve wearing clothes that aren’t pajamas.
• I feel like my bra is chafing. If this bra that I spent $60 on chafes, I’m not going to be a happy camper. (it wasn’t)
• 1 mile to go!
• Keep running because it’ll hurt more and take longer if you walk.
• Oh hey, there’s Jason again. He’s going to work so I won’t see him. Boo.
• I did it!
• What’s for lunch?

And like that, 11 miles was done.

#After the run#

I got home by 1:30ish and I think that was key in making sure the run didn’t take up the entire day. I sometimes will wait until later to run (especially if it’s cold out) and by the time I get home, it’s already almost time for dinner, or at least time to think about dinner.

I made some coffee…


…ate my lunch and then proceeded to sleep for an hour and a half on the couch. Murphy was so good and didn’t wake me up demanding a walk!


(Someone needs his hair did. Looking a little fluffy.)

I actually didn’t feel tired or achy at all when I woke up, so I decided to make a good dinner.

#spinach artichoke chili#

This is spinach and artichoke white bean chili and it’s delicious. I did modify the recipe slightly. I had a 10 oz package of frozen spinach and didn’t want to only use half, so I just stuck the whole thing in there. That made it really, really thick, so I used 3 cups of broth instead of 1.5. I also used only two cans of beans. Then I topped it with parmesan.

Kitchen time wasn’t over at dinner. It was one of those days where I really felt like cooking, so I made Peach Protein Muffins for snacks to take to work.

#Peach Protein Muffins#

The peaches at the grocery store looked horrible, so I just used canned peaches, the ones in juice, not syrup. Worked for me.

I guess I managed to have a pretty productive Sunday. Having to run a long distance doesn’t have to take up the entire day. I just need to get started earlier, I realized. One more long run and then it’s the race!

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