New and Old

I bought a couple of new products over the weekend and I thought I’d share what I thought of them. First up these Feta Herb Hummus chips from Smartfood Select.

#Smartfood Feta Chips#

I used to love Smartfood popcorn when I was a kid. These didn’t taste anything like that but they were really tasty. They’re called hummus chips because they’re made with garbanzo bean flour. The feta taste was pretty strong. If you don’t like feta, I don’t think you’d like these. They came in a few other flavors though.

I was wandering around Target and picked up some Grammy Sammys. (Sammies?) They’re marketed towards children but that’s never really stopped me before.

#Grammy Sammy#

I thought it was going to be an organic pop tart type thing. The box was small, but I wasn’t prepared for quite how small the Grammy Sammy was.

#Tiny Grammy Sammy#

110 calories for that tiny little thing? I don’t think so. It tasted fine, but way too small.

The last new product was the Kashi Banana Chocolate Chip granola bars. I’m not a huge fan of Kashi granola bars in general (9 times out of 10 when I’m buying a Kashi product, it’s a frozen meal or pizza) but I thought these sounded interesting.

#Kashi Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Bars#

These were good enough but they had a weird texture. Very gritty. I wonder what the half serving of veggies that’s advertised on the box is. Maybe it had to do with the grittiness?

Out of these three products, I’d definitely buy the Smartfood Selects again. The others, probably not.

Last night, we had something for dinner that was not new. It was taco night in our house. I suggested fish tacos but Jason wasn’t in the mood, so I made veggie taco meat instead.

#Veggie Taco Meat#

I mixed some Morningstar Farms soy crumbles with half an onion, a little bit of salsa and some Trader Joe’s taco seasoning (which doesn’t have the gross additives that other brands do).

#Veggie Soft Taco#

Our taco bar was self serve; aside from the fake meat, we had cheese, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and Trader Joe’s Avocado Verde sauce.

Sometimes new things are fun to try, but I do always find myself going back to my old favorites.

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10 Responses to New and Old

  1. I heard someone else say those selects are good- i need to give them a go!

  2. I actually liked those kashi bars, just wished they were a little bigger. have you tried their pumpkin flax bars? those are my FAVORITE by far. They taste sort of like those nature’s valley peanut butter ones (but um, pumpkin), same texture, crunchier and two small bars in a package makes it feel bigger, if that makes sense 😉 You are the second blog I read tonight that talked about tacos…(Heather/Where’s the Beach the other) and I am thinking that’s on my menu for tomorrow!

  3. That’s too bad about the Grammy Sammy. It sounded so promising!

  4. I haven’t been buying snack food for awhile because I always seem to forget about it, I’m a big meal eater and just snack on candy when I get munchy – but now that I’m moving in with a guy who’s all about snacking I’ve got to find some healthy alternatives to the stuff he keeps around. Those bars sound pretty good!

  5. Dang- I have to pick up some of the avocado salsa verde asap!! I wish TJ’s was closer to my house!
    I like the Morningstar Farm crumbles- and Greg always likes them too. And I always bulk up taco “meat” with onion and mushroom, whether I’m using ground turkey, tempeh, chickpeas, whatever. Mexican food is where it’s at!
    The Grammy Sammy would definitely catch my attention- but you’re right. 110 calories isn’t worth something that will be gone in 2 bites.

  6. I do like “build your own” meals like taco bars – another good one is nachos. I also think of both of those meals as “empty the fridge” meals, before heading back the grocery store. :)

  7. Yuuummmm, taco bar!! You know the way to my heart. Trying new things is fun but its hard sometimes, especially when you don’t like the stuff! I hate wasting money so I tend to stick with tried and true things or new things I have coupons for. I recently tried Garden of Eatin’s sweet potato tortilla chips though and they are REALLY good!

  8. This girl loves feta cheese, I’m for sure going to hunt those chips down! Taco night is a favorite in our house, and I love TJ’s taco seasoning, not only is it cheap and spicy, but it isn’t loaded with all of the garbage in other seasoning mixes.

  9. I’ve never been a huge bar person including Kashi and Larabars (which I think is sacrilegious in healthy living blogosphere).

    I do want to try the Feta Herb Hummus chips because I love hummus and feta.

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