The Publix Georgia Half-Marathon (My 10th)

In addition to driving the expo together, Tina and I decided to drive to the race together too. In previous years, I’ve taken MARTA (the subway) but since we had brunch plans after the race, it would have taken too long to take MARTA back to my car and then drive back downtown to the restaurant. We left my house at 5:30 in order to make sure we had enough time to get downtown, park and meet Lindsay at 6:30.

#Lindsay, Tina and Me#

We managed to meet up with Lindsay right away and the three of us stood around for a minute, taking in the crowds before we split up to go into our respective corrals (they were in Corral B, I was in Corral I.) Oddly enough since there were 18,000 people running, I ran into a co-worker as soon as I stepped into my corral. We chatted for a little bit and then the race began.

#GA marathon start#

I didn’t know what this race was going to be like for me. I didn’t train as well as I could have. I did all my long runs, but I kind of slacked off when it came to the shorter runs. My training plan had me running four times a week and I often skipped one of the days. There’s no rhyme or reason to why I did that; I just did.

I was kind of hoping for a miracle, but here’s a spoiler: that didn’t happen. The first couple of miles were fine. Mile 3 was difficult but I remembered it being difficult in previous years and I kept reminding myself of that. From Miles 4-8, I felt pretty good, except that I was getting some stomach cramps. The weather was unseasonably warm and I was worried about getting dehydrated so I kept gulping down Gatorade which was not a wise move.

In previous years, Mile 9 had the runners going through Piedmont Park but this year, we ran down Monroe and up 10th street instead which was a bummer. One because it’s fun to run in the park and two because 10th street is like all uphill. I was not feeling this race at all at this point. However, I knew that Laura was going to be spectating and I was looking forward to seeing her. If you’re not a runner, you might not know this, but seeing a familiar face on the sideline of a race course when you’re feeling tired, sick of running and questioning your sanity, really helps a ton. Thanks so much Laura! She stopped and took a picture of me. I think I look happy because I was glad that I could stop running for a second.

#Mile 9.5 of the race#

The last three miles of this race are pretty cruel. The race is hilly as a whole, but the last three, especially Miles 10 and 11 are pretty bad. My legs just felt like they couldn’t do it, so I did what I didn’t want to do; I took some walk breaks. Before I got to Mile 10ish, I was on target for running a 2:15 race, but my walking obviously slowed me down a lot. I didn’t care though. I just could not push through. By the last mile, I knew that a 2:20 race wasn’t feasible either. Even so, I decided to push myself and run the last mile with no walk breaks. My legs felt like they were moving in slow motion, but I didn’t walk.

I crossed the finish line with a chip time of 2:27 something. Definitely nowhere near a PR (PR is 2:14) but I’ve done worse. After the race, I found my friends and Lindsay was nice enough to let Tina and I shower in her hotel room. After we were de-stinkified, we met up at Stone Soup, a restaurant in Grant Park. And by we, I mean me, Tina, Laura, Lindsay, Lindsay’s husband Travis, Lindsay and Travis’ daughter Clara, Heather and Heather’s husband Kirk (who ran the race too).


This restaurant was a great choice. There were several vegans/vegetarians in the group and there were tons of choices on the menu for everyone. Plus, we got to sit outside in a cute little patio and they were able to accommodate our group of 7 (well, 8 including Clara) with no problem.

#Kirk, Heather and Lindsay at Stone Soup#

#Laura and Tina at Stone Soup#

#tofu scramble at stone soup#

I had the tofu scramble, which was good but needed some salt. It was fun to sit around and chat with everyone although by the end of the meal, I was fading fast and really was craving my bed!

And like that, Sunday night came to an end and so did half-marathon training.

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30 Responses to The Publix Georgia Half-Marathon (My 10th)

  1. Great job girl! SO fun that you all ran it and brunch afterwards is perfect.

  2. Regardless of time (you know me and numbers, haha), you ran a tough race and you gave it your all, right? That’s always way more important to me than the time on the clock, truly. I always strive to run a race I’m proud of and that I gave my all and that’s the bottom line for me. I’m glad you got to run this race with some awesome blog friends too, I NEED to come to Atlanta clearly, so I can meet you guys finally!!

  3. Hey! You did awesome!! I know you aren’t thrilled with the time, but I of course, think it’s great. I always WANTED a 2:30 race and it’s still eluded me due to my own head games so if that were my time, so I love seeing that 2:27 up there 😉 And it looked wicked hot too, so that would NOT help, nor would hills! And I see my sister’s comment here and I just remembered about my visit to Atlanta soon! How could I forget :) YAY!

  4. Congrats on the race! You still did more that all of the hung over green beer drinkers. LOL!

    Thanks for the mention – I loved cheering for you guys. And brunch was a last. Let’s get together again ASAP. We can drink normal-colored beer and not talk about running. 😉

  5. I absolutely love the smiles on all of your faces! I think you did great Lee. Brunch sounds perfect afterwards too! I’m glad you had a great day Lee!

  6. You started and finished, that’s all that matters. Everything in between is just numbers. Congrats!! You’re still awesome, streaker!

    “De-stinkified”, huh? HAHA

  7. SO sO great to finally meet you, Lee!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE talk you husband into letting you come to BLEND!

  8. Hey 2:27 is nothing to shake a stick at. I’m very proud of you! Congrats!

    The windows at that restaurant are so cool! What a neat design concept! That space sort of reminds me of the “patio” at Great Lakes Brewing Company: lots of light, and you feel like you’re outdoor dining even in the middle of winter.

  9. Congrats, Lee!! What a great half-marathon- I can’t believe it’s your 10th! That’s amazing! (I’ve only done ONE!)
    I hope Lindsay was able to convince you to come to BLEND. If you can work it out, it would be awesome! Greg’s going with me (not to the retreat, but to Colorado)- Jason could hang out with him! 😉

  10. Congrats on the 1/2 marathon!! The fact that it was your 10th is super impressive!

  11. I thought I’d be envious of everyone on race day. I was sooo glad I wasn’t running this one. I am jealous of the post-race brunch though :)

    The course is hard to begin with and then you had to contend, with not only contending with the heat, but the pollen too.

    I’m thoroughly impressed by you ladies. Excellent job!

  12. Great job Lee!!! I’m so proud of you for completing your 10th 1/2 marathon! That is incredible. It looks like y’all had a blast afterwards. Also… Yay for a break from training for now! :)

  13. 10 half marathons…you rock!!!

  14. Great job, Lee!! Hitting the double digits with the number of half marathons you’ve done – freaking awesome! It was definitely warm out this weekend and it makes it so much harder bc like you said, it’s super easy to drink too much. Breakfast looks awesome too!

  15. Congrats! Great job – hills are killer!

    I want to run with you guys some time. You have cheering squads during the race and great food afterwards. What could be better? 😉

  16. So fun that you got to hang with so many blog friends! Congrats on the race!

  17. That race sounds tough– hills KILL me. Congrats on making it through another race!! Looks like brunch was fun too– nice to have something to look forward to after the run!

  18. Great job on the race and having fun with blog friends!! I can’t wait to run a race for the first time :)

  19. Woohoo – any race finished is a success – and it was a HOT day for a half, especially since we didn’t really have time to train in warm weather to acclimate! I loved that little restaurant, can’t wait to go back!

  20. Nice job, Lee! I’ve run 3 half’s, and I consider them all a victory, even though all three times were completely different!
    Ya’ll look great at breakfast! Especially for just running half a marathon :)

  21. Congratulations on the race :)

  22. Great job on your half! I really want breakfast food now…

  23. 10 half marathons is so awesome! Great job Lee!

  24. congrats on toughing out a tough race! despite feeling beat, you stepped it up and finished strong. wtg!

    hope you enjoy some time off now from training 😉

  25. Congrats on finishing your 10th!!

    Reading about the course — it sounds intense and one I will definitely have to do at some point (I’ve seen the medal – it’s awesome!).

    Breakfast looks fantastic – glad you guys had fun :)

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