Dining Al Fresco

I didn’t mean to disappear like that. I got a new computer and migrating my applications and files from old to new took a while (especially since I did it incorrectly like three times).

Despite having to go to work on Monday, it really felt like a relaxing day for me. My race was over, I had no workouts looming on the horizon and it was warm out. So, despite the absurd amount of pollen in the air, Jason and I decided to dine al fresco.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work and picked up some hot dogs – veggie dogs for me and turkey dogs for Jason – and some whole-wheat buns. Also beer.

Shiner Bock Hefeweizen

While Jason grilled, I got everything ready. Murphy decided he wanted to sit at the table with us.

Murphy at the table

But then he got upset when we told him that he couldn’t have any food.

Murphy Barking

While the hot dogs were good, the pollen was out of control and made for a rather uncomfortable evening.

Veggie Hot Dogs

Still, there’s something carefree about grilling outside, even if it’s on a Monday and the pollen count is 9,000

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