Two Bad, Two Good

There’s been some good and some bad going on around here. Don’t get me wrong, the bad is not really bad at all. More like annoying.

The two bad/annoying things:

1. Parallels. I got a used Macbook Pro and the previous owner had Parallels on it. (Parallels is the application that lets you basically run Windows on a Mac.) So I decided that I’d try out Windows Live Writer. I’ve always had a Mac so I’ve never tried it before. The program itself seemed cool but Parallels was awful. It took so long to launch the Windows desktop that any time that I gained by using Windows Live Writer was lost. I’m back to Mars Edit, an upgraded version. (So if my posts look a little weird for a while it’s because I’m not used to it.)

2. My run tonight. I haven’t been running much since my race almost three weeks ago. You’d think that the fact that I could run 13.1 miles 2.5 weeks ago would mean that running 3.1 would be easy. You’d be wrong. Running is such a mental thing sometimes. I know that I’m physically able to run 3 miles (or 5 or probably still 10) but my mind just wasn’t into it. I managed to do 2 miles and then I quit and moved to the stepmill for a little while. Instead of freaking out about losing my running endurance, I think I need to just take a running break. I’m not training for anything, there’s no reason that I have to run if I don’t want to. There are other exercises that I can do instead. I know that once I allow myself not to run, I’ll want to again. At least, I hope so.

Now for the good things and they’re food related:

1. I was chatting (literally, like on ichat, which we use at work) with my boss about spaghetti squash and after talking about it for a while, I really wanted to make it. Instead of just using it as a straight-up substitute for spaghetti, I followed a recipe instead and made Mama Pea’s Spaghetti Squash casserole.

Looks like lasagna, but instead of noodles, there was squash.

Spaghetti squash casserole

The cheese and marinara are my favorite parts of lasagna anyway, so I didn’t miss the noodles.

Spaghetti squash casserole2

2. I also made Bok Choy Hash with Poached Eggs from a recipe that I found on Pinterest. I don’t really know how to poach an egg and I didn’t feel like dealing with it, so I just made sunny side up eggs instead.

Egg hash

Both of these meals were delicious and both were husband friendly. You know how I can tell if a meal is good? By how long the leftovers last. I typically take leftovers from the previous night’s dinner for lunch, and know when Jason has eaten the rest for his lunch or dinner, than it’s a good meal. There are some things, like the Lentil and Millet Salad, that are still in the fridge, while both of these meals are already gone.

So that’s the good and the bad of the past couple days. And tomorrow’s Thursday already. Add one to the good side!

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13 Responses to Two Bad, Two Good

  1. Haha the leftovers test! I’d say I use that one too! When it’s only me eating the leftovers, I know that means Chris never wants me to make that meal again. :)

  2. Poached eggs are the single reason I couldn’t stay vegan. Yum.

  3. Windows Live Writer is so awesome. I almost flipped out last night when it suddenly seemed to stop being able to publish pictures. I don’t know about Parallel, but I use VMware Fusion, which doesn’t suck out so much time running. Maybe you can try that?

    • I don’t mind using a Mac software like Mars Edit but I figured since the computer had Parallels installed, I’d check it out. I’ll look into VMware Fusion though. Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn’t heard of it.

  4. I think the running break is what you need – your run-durance will still be there after, I think it’s the mental aspect of running you need a rest from and then you’ll feel much better! Maybe use this non-running time to try a new type of exercise or fitness class maybe? any fun studios in your area you could try?

    PS that spaghetti squash casserole looks so good!!

  5. I made spaghetti squash lasagna recently too! Posting about it monday! SO so good. I like the idea of a mac…but I’m totally a PC girl

  6. You’ll get your running mojo back, I bet you were just a bit burnt after the training and the race itself. Allow it and when you feel like running, you will :) As for those meals, YUM YUM!! Those look awesome! Love spaghetti squash! That sucks about Parallels…I don’t have it on my Mac (an older version) but always thought it would be cool!

  7. oooh those recipes look wonderful! I’ve never poached an egg either – or done sunny side up. Truly – i’m kind of scramble or nothing!

  8. I’m still a lame-o and just blog out of wordpress. I tried Ecto for awhile but it annoyed me and never tried anything else after that. I need to get with the times.
    Both of those meals do look fabulous!

  9. Are you training for any races? I find that when something is actually “on the docket” I am more mentally with it. When I’m not signed up for something, I’m a total slacker. You may just be recovering from the race and all the training and need a break?

    PS: I wish you lived closer too so we could run together!

  10. Thanks for the review.. saving me the trouble of trying! Mars Edit it is

  11. Haha we totally use chat at work too, but it’s lotus notes.

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