Soup and Salad

I did my workout during lunch today. There was a going away lunch for a co-worker and I said I couldn’t go because I had errands to do. Is that bad? I have only been at my company for three months and it wasn’t a person in my department so it wasn’t like I really needed to say a special goodbye. Plus, I don’t really like the restaurant they chose. That always seems to happen at my jobs. There’s always a company favorite restaurant and I always hate it. At the job before my last (my last doesn’t count because the people there were extremely anti-social, or maybe they just were anti-social with me), it was a Mexican place. This job, everyone seems to love the greasy Italian place down the street. Anyway, my workout was an errand of sorts, right?

I just didn’t want the greasy Italian food. I suck at being social sometimes.

Anyway, for dinner tonight, I had soup and salad. It wasn’t just any soup though; I had matzoh ball soup. I am basically a non-practicing Jew (does that phrase remind people of Reality Bites?) but I love me some matzoh ball soup. When I was a kid, my mom used to make the soup from scratch, simmering a chicken carcass for days. These days, I take an easier route. It’s vegetarian too.

Matzoh ball soup mix

It’s actually sort of filled with disgusting ingredients (think Ramen soup flavoring-esque) but it tastes damn good. I even stuck some baby carrots in there to make it seem more homemade. Ha.

Matzoh ball soup

With my soup, I had salad, but again, it wasn’t just any salad. I made Kale and Avocado Salad with Creamy Hemp Dressing. I didn’t have any cabbage, so I just used spinach. This made a lot so I had to break out the big boy salad bowl. It doesn’t get enough love anyway.

Kale avocado salad

This was absolutely delicious although I had some trouble finding the hemp seeds. I’d assumed they’d be in the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Nope! They were actually in the Whole Body section (I don’t know why) in a bag that looked like this:

Hemp seeds

The Whole Foods closest to my house is on the small side, though, so I bet bigger ones might have them in their bulk bins. That bag, which held exactly half a cup, was only like two dollars so it was all good.

Murphy is demanding attention now so I have to go. And by demanding attention, I mean putting my arm in his mouth. Yes, really.

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