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As many Atlantans do, Jason and I try to take advantage of Scoutmob whenever we can, mostly for restaurants.  Not only can we get a discount on our meals, but it also provides us with the opportunity to go to restaurants that we probably wouldn’t ever try.  In a city with tons of dining options, sometimes it’s the hole in the walls that are the best, only you don’t always know about them.

We found ourselves in downtown Norcross last night.

Downtown norcross

Despite the fact that I actually work in Norcross, I’d never been to the downtown area.  It was tiny, but cute with a few restaurants, coffee shops and a bar.  Basically what I think downtown Tucker (where we live) should be like.

Norcross sunset

We headed into Zapata Tacos and Tequila Bar. I’m very picky when it comes to Mexican food.  I don’t like the typical greasy Mexican places that are heavy on the cheese and light on the veggies.  However, when I looked at Zapata’s menu online, I thought it might be okay.  Chips and salsa were good, and I think I did an okay job of not stuffing my face.

I ordered the Shrimp Molcajete for my meal, minus the queso fresco.


This thing was served in a lava rock and it looked like lava.  Seriously, it took about 10 minutes for it to stop bubbling.  And I still managed to burn my tongue.  It was basically shrimp, onions, tomato and cactus in a tomatillo salsa.  On the side, there were mushrooms, black beans and rice.  Though it looks humungous (or maybe you can’t tell), the actually molcajete isn’t that deep, so it’s not quite the monstrosity that it looks like.

Apparently, I found my food funny.

Lee zapata

Jason’s Chicken Tabasquena wasn’t as funny, I guess.  He liked it though.  Though the menu said it was supposed to come with fried plantains.  It came with french fries.  Hmm.

Jason zapata

I didn’t have anything to drink, but all the margaritas on the menu were made with agave nectar instead of sour mix, which is always a plus.  I hate sour mix.  All in a all, a decent little restaurant.  I don’t know if I’d seek it out if it wasn’t for Scoutmob, but it was a nice date night.

Lee jason

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