Gluten-Free: The Update

It’s 2.5 weeks into my gluten-free trial so I thought I’d write a little bit about how it’s going.  I’ve felt a lot better….except when I haven’t.  I noticed right off the bat that I was much less moody.  Sometimes I get into really bad moods for no reason whatsoever and I feel like since I haven’t had any gluten, coincidence or not, I’ve felt much happier.  I kept a journal for the first 10 days or so, before I got lazy about it, recording my stomach issues and what I ate.  I also…TMI alert…recorded how often I went to the bathroom.  When I say that I have stomach issues, I think that people probably picture me running for the bathroom all the time.  That’s not the case.  In fact, it’s the opposite really.  My stomach will hurt but I can’t go.  It usually won’t feel better until I do, which might be a day later.  Even if I don’t have a stomach ache, I still don’t go every day.  Sometimes not even every other day.  But when I stopped eating gluten, I started to feel much more regular.

At first, I was kind of lost as far as what I could eat, but after a couple of days, I felt like I knew what I was doing and managed to eat some really good stuff.



Refried beans


I found myself eating a lot more vegetables and a lot less processed food. I  felt much healthier for that and even like I might have lost a couple pounds, although I haven’t weighed myself.

But it wasn’t all happy tummies.  My stomach still hurt sometimes and since I was writing everything down, I realized that it was dairy.  It’s not like the idea of being lactose intolerant hasn’t crossed my mind before, because of course it has, but for whatever reason, I just didn’t think I was.  But now I see the direct correlation.  Salad with goat cheese = stomach ache, frozen yogurt = stomach ache, sadly enough, even regular yogurt, which doesn’t bother some people who are sensitive to lactose, = stomach ache.

So basically I felt good when I wasn’t consuming gluten or dairy.  But maybe the gluten has nothing to do with it at all.  Maybe it’s just dairy.  I’m planning on eating a piece of bread or something soon to see how I feel.  (Not today because I ate this dumb Think Thin bar that has maltitol and my stomach still hurts eight hours later.  Dumb because I know that maltitol and sorbitol do that to me, but I bought it by accident and ate it anyway because I was hungry even though I realized beforehand.)

Honestly, I sort of liked not eating gluten.  I felt like any previous cravings for tons of carbs were gone simply because I just wasn’t eating most of them.  Not eating dairy, especially when I am a pescatarian and eat a lot of vegetarian meals,  is honestly a little bit harder, strange as that seems.

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12 Responses to Gluten-Free: The Update

  1. That’s great you found the culprit but it sucks that its may just be dairy. It is hard to cut that out… But like anything else you do get used to it. Yogurt Tap in Decatur has dairy-free almond butter yogurt and there’s always the softserve at Dough Bakery. 😉

    You might try the lower-gluten approach. Stuff like Kamut some people who are sensitive to gluten can eat.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re making some progress– I’m impressed that you’ve been sticking with it/recording everything– I’ve always thought that it would be sort of interesting to do that, except that it seems like so much work! I guess it’s all worth it if you can figure out what you need to avoid in order to feel your best!

  3. It’s all so interesting to me and I’m glad you’re getting some answers. If gluten doesn’t bother you, you could still aim to eat less of it since it helped you feel overall with your food choices and energy/mood. Hopefully avoiding the dairy will make you feel great all around. :)

  4. I’ve basically come to the same conclusions as you – I feel better when I cut back on gluten, but probably because I’m simply eating less processed food. Dairy is definitely the culprit for my stomach issues. The good news is that there are so many non-dairy alternatives that taste really good. :)

  5. I’m glad to hear you’re getting some relief. It would be hard for me to give up dairy too, but if it helps you feel better maybe it won’t be that bad.

  6. So interesting. I think noting everything, bathroom included, is a good way of tracking this down. I agree with Tina, even if it’s not gluten fully, maybe just less of that sort of thing and dairy (sniff!!) will help you all around!!

  7. Hmm so interesting. I bet the dairy thing is the real issue…and the gluten thing just makes you FEEL better, if that makes sense. Good luck as you continue testing things out, I hope you get to the bottom of it!

  8. This is so interesting! I’m glad you’re figuring it out. That was really smart to journal and look for correlations. I get stomach aches pretty frequently but have just learned to deal with them and have never really written down my intake to see if there is a correlation.

  9. I was gonna say that that sounded a lot like lactose intolerance to me! I hope you figure it out and feel better soon!

  10. I think I’d die if I couldn’t eat dairy!

    I hope you figure things out :)

  11. I’m with Matt!! Hope it’s an easy transition for you, Lee! I’m actually thinking I might need to work on gluten – same digestion problems with the not going often. :(

  12. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    As a former dairy-o-holic (just before I met you) and lactose-intolerant I’ll tell you it gets SO much easier!! It’s only tricky as you get over the initial cravings (dairy is physically addictive) and find good substitutes. you already know so many substitutes, so you’ll be ahead of the game!

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