Last Chance Survey

So I didn’t really have much to write about and I thought about not blogging again tonight, but then I saw this little survey on Tina’s blog.  Boom.  Writer’s block is gone.

Last Chance Survey

Last food you ate:

Bean dip

This is hardly what I’d call a balanced dinner, but we’re going out of town tomorrow and didn’t have much food in the house.  This is “bean dip” (aka refried beans mixed with salsa and some olives) with homemade tortilla chips.  To make the chips, I just cut up a La Tortilla brand tortilla, sprayed it with cooking spray and some spices and cooked the chips for about 10 minutes at 350.

Last beverage you drank:


Water.  Boring, I know.  At least it’s in a cool glass.

Last workout:

I did an elliptical workout at the gym after work tonight.

Last thing you pinned:


Source: via Lee on Pinterest

l workout at the gym after work tonight.

Last text message you sent:

“Haha” to my sister.

Last blog you visited:Screen shot 2012 11 08 at 7 55 25 PMLast tweet you sent:Screen shot 2012 11 08 at 7 57 45 PM

Yup, I am finally going to meet my long-lost twin, Lauren.  Seriously we have like everything in common.

Last place you visited:

LA Fitness

Last time you did ab work:

I did some planks earlier in the week.

Last show you watched:


Last thing you baked:Lemon bars uncut

These lemon bars for a work thing.  I couldn’t decide if they were good or not, but people at work ate them, so I guess they were.

Last thing you instagrammed:

Pom seeds

Pomegranate seeds with a funky filter.

Last item on your to-do list:

I need to wash clothes for our trip tomorrow.  We’re going to Maryland for my cousin’s wedding.


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