Wedding Weekend

Like always, my time spent in Maryland went by way too quickly.  But it was a good weekend, filled with family, so it’s okay.  It’s always hard to see everyone that I want to see when I visit.  This time it was easier though, because though my parents are divorced, they both attended my cousin’s wedding. The groom is on my dad’s side (he’s my dad’s brother’s son) but my mom has remained close with them.  So it was a win-win for me, having both of my parents there.

The weekend started out with a rehearsal dinner at Cafe Deluxe in Gaithersburg.

Lee mom rehearsal dinner

It was fun to see all my relatives but both Jason and I were pretty tired afterward and ready to go home and call it a night.  Especially Jason, he had been up for something like 24 hours.

The wedding was on Saturday at 4:30 at Strong Mansion, which is at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, about 45 minutes from my mom’s house.  They had the wedding outside which was risky for November, but they lucked out as it wasn’t too cold and the trees were still pretty.


Lee jason wedding

Jason emma

(That’s my sister.)

The reception was in a heated tent.


Jason and I were sat at a table with my brother and sister (they are really my half-brother and half-sister, but I never call them that) and some cousins – one who lives in DC, two who live in Pittsburgh and one who lives in Cincinnati.  It was fun to catch up.

Lee eric emma

Do we look alike?  Same father, different mother, although they have the same mother.  And for some reason, I didn’t seem to get any pictures of my father or stepmother.  Photog fail.

And like that, my weekend in Maryland was over and we were boarding the plane to Atlanta.


Okay, really that was two days later, but it still felt really short.

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