Restaurant Review: Sprig

I thought it might be fun to start doing restaurant reviews here on the blog.  I sometimes do them on Yelp, but thought I might like to have them here too.  I know that it’s probably not that interesting for those of you who don’t live in Atlanta to read, so feel free to skip this post!

On Friday night, Jason and I wanted to go out to dinner.  Despite the fact that I had Monday off, it had been a long week at work and we wanted to celebrate the fact that it was Friday.  We’re good at celebrating random things like that.  We decided to go to Sprig, a restaurant that’s pretty close to our house that focuses on locally sourced ingredients.

We got there around 7:30 and had to wait, but only a few minutes, before we were seated.  The restaurant was on the smaller side, but it was brightly lit (good for taking food pics!) and cute.  There was a chalkboard wall with the specials and draught beers listed on it.  I decided to get the veggie plate, since they had a decent selection of sides available.  I did have to ask the server which were vegetarian, since it wasn’t noted.  I feel like most restaurants, at least in Atlanta, do note that so I was surprised that this one didn’t, especially since they did note what was gluten-free.

I chose brussels sprouts, kale and sweet potato hash, whipped sweet potatoes and chard.


I was kind of annoyed, however, when the kale hash had beets in it instead of sweet potatoes.  I don’t really like beets.  For some reason, I didn’t say anything to the waiter about it, though in hindsight I should have.  The kale part was good though.  The brussels sprouts were delicious.  I don’t know how they cooked them (again, I should have asked) but I loved them.  The sweet potatoes and chard were fine, but not memorable.  Jason had a burger and fries and I snagged a few fries, you know, for quality control purposes.  They were good.  It’s hard for fries to not be though.

While I had an enjoyable meal, I wouldn’t say that this was my favorite restaurant, though I would go back.  Maybe the veggie burger is good or one of the fish dishes?  I have some major foodie friends who loved it, so maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.  I’ll definitely order a side of brussels sprouts if we go back though!

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