Kinda Sorta Normal

So I had this whole post planned out in my head.  I was going to write about how I kinda sorta feel normal but then other times, I remember what happened and life doesn’t feel normal at all.  One of my kinda sorta normal things that I was going to talk about was how I was cooking and making good dinners.  It was just going to be a little part of my post until I realized that my dinner was really, really good.  And the not normal thing about it: it was a Paula Deen recipe and it was healthy!  And I only had to modify it a little bit.

Paula deen salad

This was Paula Deen’s Southwestern Avocado and Black Bean Salad. I only made a few changes.  Instead of lime juice, I used lemon, simply because I didn’t have lime juice.  Secondly, I only used one can of black beans instead of two and thirdly, I omitted the cheese all together.

Paula deen salad closeup

In the comments of the original recipe, someone said it clocked in at around 600 calories per serving.  I think that with my changes, it’s got to bring it down a bit, right?  (Say yes.)

Also, normal but not really: the amount of time a loaf of banana bread lasts in our house.  Approximately two days.

Banana bread

Jason asked me if banana bread was the same as cake.  I said it was made with whole wheat flour and probably had less sugar but yeah, kinda sorta.

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