Bullet Points

• I sometimes tend to use my blog as a space for me to reflect upon my thoughts and so sometimes things get analyzed more here than they do in my actual life.  In other words, despite how my last post sounded, I’m not, in fact, sobbing in my sushi.  You can ask my sushi dates.  There was no sobbing.  I really am feeling better about everything.  Not all better, but better.

• I made Chinese Braised Mushrooms with Tofu for dinner tonight.  Normally, recipes with corn starch kind of freak me out because I always manage to turn the sauce into a gloppy mess somehow, but this one worked out.

Mushroom tofu

• I think I’m ready to start running again.  Between everything that’s happened, I haven’t run in a month and even before then, it was sporadic.  One of my favorite 10Ks is in February; maybe I’ll start training for it.

• I’m taking tomorrow off and we’re going to one of my favorite cities: Asheville, NC.


• We got new living room furniture.  It got delivered at 6:55 this morning.  I’m not even joking. But I am tired.

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