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We just got back from our trip to Asheville and instead of a long-winded post of everything we did, I thought I’d just show off some of the food that we ate.  Asheville is a great city for food, especially if you are into healthy eats with lots of vegetarian choices.

Huevos fucheros

Huevos Fucheros from Sunny Point Cafe: savory black bean cakes with tofu chorizo, feta cheese, roasted tomatillo salsa and herb tossed red skin spuds topped with two free-range eggs, and style, cilantro crema and tortilla strips.

I got mine with sunny-side up eggs, minus the cilantro crema and didn’t eat the tortillas.  This was easily the best thing I ate all weekend.


Jason had the MGB: two free range eggs, veggie sausage, stone ground chipotle cheese grits and an angel biscuit. It was good, but mine was better.


Local Kombucha.  They sell Buchi in Atlanta, but it’s made in Asheville, so we had to get some.

Crispy kale chips

Crispy honey kale chips with honey drizzle and pear pomegranate tzatziki from Lexington Avenue Brewery.

Dragon bowl

Dragon Bowl from Laughing Seed Cafe: A layer of cauliflower/nut rice, arugula, an assortment of seasonal vegetables, avocado and sunflower seed/beet pate, topped with house-made kimchee and organic purple kraut.  Served with a miso-tahini sauce. I honestly didn’t really like this.  I didn’t like the kimchee and thought it sort of overpowered the dish.  I wish I ordered something else.  Oh well.  My drink, however, was better.  I had some sort of margarita that was made with the previously mentioned Buchi kombucha.  They used the fire version and it gave it a kick.

Buchi margarita

Jason had the Kung Pao Tofu: seasonal vegetables and fresh bamboo shoots stir fried with peanuts and a sweet and spicy Szechuan Chili sauce.  Served with Jasmine Rice.

Kung pao tofu

Is that big thing (that looks like a pineapple) the bamboo shoots?  We couldn’t tell what it was and I guess I’ve only had bamboo shoots that are cut up.


Truffles from Chocolate Fetish. One of these is the milk coconut and I’m not sure what the other was, but they were both good.

avory black beancakes served with Snow Creek chorizo sausage, feta cheese, roasted tomatillo salsa, and herb tossed red skin spuds topped with two free range eggs any style, cilantro crema, and crisp tortilla strips.

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