Early Christmas Weekend

This weekend we hosted an early Christmas celebration at our house.  Originally, we were going to have it at Jason’s parents house, but it turned out that Jason’s brother was in Atlanta for a work training (they live in Charleston) and it was easier to have it here.  We got up on Saturday morning and tried to add some festive touches to the house for both Christmas and Hanukkah.




We had dinner reservations (at Murphy’s, which happens to be Murphy the dog’s namesake) so we just had a bunch of finger foods out on the table for everyone to munch on at lunch.

Christmas food

Also, apple cider.

Apple cider

We sat around talking for a while and then opened presents.


Murphy got to open his first.

Murphy presents

We took a bunch of other pictures, but I don’t like to put pictures of other people on the blog unless it’s okay with them and sometimes asking if it’s okay is too awkward, so that’s why you only get a picture of my dog.

It was a fun weekend and as a bonus, I had a vacation day that I needed to use up or I’d lose it so I have tomorrow off.

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