The Wine Munchies

Last night I went to Fontaines for dinner with my friends Joan, Sean and Sarah for their half price peel and eat shrimp and snow crab legs that they do on Thursdays.  During the course of the meal, I had two glasses of wine.

Wine favorite

Yes, that’s a real screenshot from what came up on my phone when I entered it into my Weight Watchers app.  When I got home, it was still pretty early, only about 8:30 or so and it was too early to go sleep.  That’s when the wine munchies made their appearance.

This is something that I’ve always struggled with, but when I have any alcohol, that little voice in my head that has been saying, “Eat an apple!” or “Eat some carrots with salsa!” starts telling me to eat something else.

The something else:

Brownie brittle

This brownie brittle is pretty amazing.  And if you eat one serving, which actually ends up being a decent amount, it’s not that bad for you.  But I didn’t eat one serving, the wine munchies made me eat three!

Damn you, wine munchies.  Although, I weighed myself this morning and lost a pound.

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7 Responses to The Wine Munchies

  1. Story of my life, haha. I wish I could just stop with the holiday overeating. It’s getting way out of hand.

  2. Brownie brittle?! That sounds delicious. My dessert consumption has been completely crazy lately too, but hey, that’s part of what the holidays are for, right?

  3. Wine does it to me too! Hard to resist, especially after having a glass or two! I love that screenshot, so funny. And yay on weight loss!

  4. The wine munchies are so hard to control, aren’t they?! Aw if wine just wasn’t so delicious. That’s funny about the WW app!!

  5. I saw that Brownie Brittle at Costco a couple weeks ago.. I was too afraid to buy it haha. Now I might have to! Have a wonderful holiday, Lee!

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