Restaurant Review: Imperial Fez

About six months ago, Jason and I purchased a Groupon for a Moroccan restaurant – Imperial Fez.  The deal was $45 for two five course meals.  We never really felt like using said Groupon until we realized it expired on Friday.  So we went on Friday.

Lee jason imperial fez

I’d actually been before, many, many years ago for a company holiday party, but I didn’t really remember anything about it.  (Not for any reason other than it was a long time ago.)  I’d read reviews on Yelp and they were mixed.  Many of them said that you had to take your shoes off upon entering, but we didn’t have to.  I was glad about that because I’d forgotten and was wearing pink fluffy socks under my boots!

It was pretty dark inside the restaurant, with small tables near the floor.  You sat either in chairs on on little couches with pillows.  Our waiter came over and explained the meal to us.  He asked us right away if anyone was vegetarian, which I appreciated because the appetizer had chicken in it and they were, after some confusion, able to make us a vegetarian version instead.

We started out with lentil soup and a plate of various salads.  I’m kind of bummed that my picture of this didn’t turn out very well, because this was the best part of the meal, I thought.

Imperial fez salad

You can see the soup in the bottom corner.  We were told what the various salads were, but I’ve forgotten.  They were good though.  After the soup and salad, we were kind of full and only sort of picked at the appetizer.  It was some sort of filo dough pastry with veggies inside.

Imperial fez app

For our entrees, we were told to choose from the menu.  I went with the Sauteed Vegetables Tajine Mhammer.

Imperial fez vegetables

And Jason had the Prawns Pappell.

Imperial fez shrimp

Maybe because we were very full at this point, but I was not very impressed with either entree.  Mine was just sort of bland and while Jason’s shrimp tasted good, his dish was incredibly oily.  We only kind of picked at our entrees, but again, we were very full from the soup and salad course.  After boxing up our leftovers, they brought us some dessert with mint tea.

Imperial fez dessert

The pastries were good but the fruit was in a syrup that was too sweet.

It was a fun experience, but one thing that I really did not like about this place was that it was really loud.  I guess a lot of people go there for birthdays and special occasions and honestly every ten minutes, these major strobe lights would flash and this “happy birthday” song would play over the loudspeaker.  It was distracting and annoying and literally happened four times while we were there.  Same thing with the belly dancers.  They were cool, but every time they came out (maybe every 20 minutes), they’d flash these bright lights and play really loud music.  Back in the day, I used to work at Joe’s Crab Shack and it sort of reminded me of that.

Sauteed Vegetables Tajine


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