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The Wine Munchies

Last night I went to Fontaines for dinner with my friends Joan, Sean and Sarah for their half price peel and eat shrimp and snow crab legs that they do on Thursdays.  During the course of the meal, I had two glasses of wine.

Wine favorite

Yes, that’s a real screenshot from what came up on my phone when I entered it into my Weight Watchers app.  When I got home, it was still pretty early, only about 8:30 or so and it was too early to go sleep.  That’s when the wine munchies made their appearance.

This is something that I’ve always struggled with, but when I have any alcohol, that little voice in my head that has been saying, “Eat an apple!” or “Eat some carrots with salsa!” starts telling me to eat something else.

The something else:

Brownie brittle

This brownie brittle is pretty amazing.  And if you eat one serving, which actually ends up being a decent amount, it’s not that bad for you.  But I didn’t eat one serving, the wine munchies made me eat three!

Damn you, wine munchies.  Although, I weighed myself this morning and lost a pound.

In Which I Realize How Small a Real Portion Is

I had this idea that each week, I would make three recipes – two that are new to me and one that we’ve had before and liked.  Three is a little bit ambitious; it just depends on my plans for the week, I think.  Anyway, that tuna salad that I posted yesterday (it’s this) was one of the new ones and tonight, I made an old favorite.


(I’m telling myself that this picture looks bad because I used squeeze basil*)

This is Panzanella with Artichokes and Olives.  And while it’s extremely delicious, it has bread, oil and olives in it (though I lightened it up a bit), so you don’t really get a lot if you’re trying to stay in a certain calorie or point range.  I’m sure the last time I made this, I inhaled half the recipe without even thinking about it, but I was trying to be cognizant of what I was eating this time and when I was done, I wanted more food.  So I had a little more.  Then I had a Vita-muffin and then an apple and then I was full.  I went over my points by a little bit though.  Umm, oops?

I guess what I am trying to say is that while I’m used to figuring out what is healthy and what isn’t, I’m not so used to thinking about what is healthy and I could eat a lot of.  Even though I went over my points (I ended up eating 34, approximately, but I still have a lot of the weekly and activity points left), I still think I’m eating much less than I used to be, so there’s that.  I mean, when I was putting together this salad, I was snacking on mushrooms.  Not hummus.  Mushrooms.  (Someone ate the carrots, or they are lost in the back of the fridge.)

* Squeeze basil

Squeeze basil

Signing Up for Weight Watchers

For the past maybe three years, I’ve not been so happy about my weight.  The problem is, I haven’t been unhappy enough to really do something about it, aside from complain.  We took some pictures this weekend and I felt like it looked like my head was on some other person’s body.  Granted, I was wearing a loose shirt that had dolman sleeves and was pretty shapeless (which I changed after seeing the picture), but it made me want to take action.

So the next day, I signed up for Weight Watchers.  My problem isn’t that I don’t eat healthy, because I do, but rather that I eat too much of it.  And I’m not talking like I eat too many apples.  More like I eat too much hummus and pita chips.  Foods that are healthy enough (well the hummus, not so much the chips) in moderation but not really when you eat a whole lot.  It’s not even that my portion sizes are that out of control, though they are probably a little bit too big.  It’s more that I am constantly grazing.  Constantly.  So having to be accountable for it might make me not do it.  I hope.

My strategy has always been to try to eat healthy and hope for the best and obviously that is not working.  What I am not good at, and I hope that this will teach me, is to figure out how what I’m eating throughout the day adds up.  Last night, I went to my friend Joan’s house to bake cookies and drink some wine to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Sugar cookies

Since I knew that I was going to do that, I made sure to have a smaller dinner beforehand, whereas before, I wouldn’t have necessarily correlated the two, if that makes sense.

Tuna salad

Jason is doing it with me.  It’s always easier to do something like this with someone else.  But, can we talk about how much more he gets to eat than I do?  I get 26 points (plus the weekly extra 49 points and any activity points that I accrue).  He gets 49 daily points!  Not fair!

So that’s my plan right now.  And if I get pregnant again in the next couple months, I will just quit Weight Watchers and eat hummus and pita chips with reckless abandonment.  Kidding.  Sort of.  Also, just to throw a totally random picture in there, this is how my dog sleeps almost every night – on his back against a wall.

Murphy golden retriever sleeping on back


Early Christmas Weekend

This weekend we hosted an early Christmas celebration at our house.  Originally, we were going to have it at Jason’s parents house, but it turned out that Jason’s brother was in Atlanta for a work training (they live in Charleston) and it was easier to have it here.  We got up on Saturday morning and tried to add some festive touches to the house for both Christmas and Hanukkah.




We had dinner reservations (at Murphy’s, which happens to be Murphy the dog’s namesake) so we just had a bunch of finger foods out on the table for everyone to munch on at lunch.

Christmas food

Also, apple cider.

Apple cider

We sat around talking for a while and then opened presents.


Murphy got to open his first.

Murphy presents

We took a bunch of other pictures, but I don’t like to put pictures of other people on the blog unless it’s okay with them and sometimes asking if it’s okay is too awkward, so that’s why you only get a picture of my dog.

It was a fun weekend and as a bonus, I had a vacation day that I needed to use up or I’d lose it so I have tomorrow off.

Lost and Found

For the past two and a half weeks, I’ve felt kind of lost. This one thing that I was really looking forward to, this life changing thing, was suddenly taken from me (and taken from Jason too) and I kind of didn’t know what to do with myself. As much as I tried to jump back into my “old” life, it didn’t really feel the same.

And then I woke up this morning and I felt better. And I think it somehow has to do with running. Not the physical act of running, but the idea of working toward a goal, a different goal, of getting back into the running shape that I was in. I also think my hormones have maybe calmed down, but that’s another story.

For whatever reason, I kind of got re-enthused about my health. While we can’t quite hop on the baby making train just yet (doctor said to wait two cycles), I can get myself into better shape while I’m waiting. What that means, I’m not entirely sure, but running more often definitely plays a part. As does eliminating or cutting down on my excessive stevia consumption, but again, another story for another post.

I have no pictures that go with this post, but have a family-filled weekend coming up so I’m sure there will be more than enough pictures to make up for it.

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