Gloomy and Gross

Today was gloomy and gross and the last place I wanted to be was at work.  But, so is life and I made it through the day.  I did a weight workout at lunch and while sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough time, it was nice to come home after work, put on my favorite sweats and relax.


I was feeling kind of down and really wanted comfort food to go along with my sweatpants.  I wanted refried beans, but went out on a limb and made something that I pinned like a year ago – Rainbow Peppers and Shrimp with Rice Noodles.

Shrimp noodles

I changed some things up based on what I had on hand.  Mainly, I didn’t have brown rice noodles, so I used a combination of udon and soba. It was good, but no refried beans.  I had some fun new stuff to read…

Fitness magazine

Forks over knives cookbook

and while it should be an enjoyable evening, I just feel very blah today.  Maybe tomorrow will be less rainy and I’ll be less moody.  I should have eaten the refried beans.

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10 Responses to Gloomy and Gross

  1. Man, it is SO gloomy here– I feel like it’s been raining for days!! I think it’s supposed to clear up by Wednesday– thank goodness!!

  2. Outlook is not good for sunshine today. I’m tired of this weather. Even when it was warm this weekend, it was overcast. I’ve been taking vitamin D lately to offset the no sunshine situation. I hope today is better for you.

    Oh and I’ve been craving refried beans lately too…what is up with that?

  3. I felt very much the same way yesterday. This time of year just kind of blows, especially when the weather is as miserable as it has been.

  4. Must have been a blah day all around, I felt the same yesterday! Was so annoyed at myself and frustrated for getting to such a craptastic mood, but today I am feeling better. hope you are too!

  5. It was gloomy and gross here today. And COLD.

  6. This weather is so awful!! It’s supposed to get sunny on Friday though… my fingers are crossed! I can’t take another week of this mess.

  7. I love refried beans! They’re amazing- black refrieds are my favorite. The dish looks like a winner too

  8. It was gloomy and gross here yesterday too. But today was FANTASTIC! Gorgeous weather, sun and a bit chilly. Loved it. I hope today was great for you too!!!

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