My Mom’s Visit

Things have been quiet around here (here meaning the blog).  It’s because my mom came to visit for the weekend.  She came on Friday night and on Saturday morning, we wanted to go out to brunch.  The thing about Atlanta is that brunch is very, very popular.  All the good restaurants have long waits.  Jason and I don’t often go out to brunch for that reason, so I didn’t quite know where to go.  I asked for recommendations on Facebook and my friend Maya suggested Highland Bakery, which sounded good.

However, when we drove by and saw the mass of people outside the restaurant (presumably waiting to get seated), we kept driving and ended up in the Highlands.  My first thought was to go to Belly, but then Jason remembered that we parked right near American Roadhouse and we decided to go there.  I haven’t been in years and always forget about it as an option.

American roadhouse

We walked in and were seated with no problem.  Score!  The place is a little bigger than some of the other, more crowded restaurants, which is kind of nice.  I got the Black and White, which was a black bean burger topped with a fried green tomato and an egg white patty with salsa.  I really, really liked this.  The fried green tomato was a fun touch and something different.  I really couldn’t tell if the black bean patty was homemade or not, but it tasted good.  I’d venture to say not homemade if I was guessing.

American roadhouse black and white

My mom had the Going Green Scramble which was egg whites with avocado, spinach, green onion and mushrooms.  This was my second choice if I hadn’t have gone with the Black and White.  I’m glad I chose what I did though, because hers was kind of bland.

American roadhouse going green scramble

Jason isn’t much for breakfast food and had lunch instead.  He had the hickory burger but got it with a grilled chicken sandwich instead and a side of collard greens.  Collard greens sort of scare me because I’m always afraid they are cooked with bacon.  He said everything was very good.

American roadhouse hickory burger

All in all, a decent meal and the no wait thing was a huge, huge plus.

American Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

After we were full, we headed to the MLK Historical Site.  A perfect time to visit it considering tomorrow is MLK Day.

Mlk center

Ebenzer baptist church

Mlk flame

Mlk tomb

It was really very moving.  Afterward, we went to the Sweet Auburn Market to check it out.  I’d never been before, but we were nearby.

Sweet auburn sign

Sweet auburn inside

There were some produce booths, booths for meat and stuff and then some food court-esque booths, like this one that made fresh juice.

Sweet auburn juice

Obviously, I had to try one.  I had the Nurse Jackie juice.

Sweet auburn juice2

All in all, a fun day, but you know I had to take a nap!

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13 Responses to My Mom’s Visit

  1. Sounds like a very fun day and I’m glad to see you capped it off with a nap! :) I wish I could do those more often, but my mind doesn’t like to turn off midday.

  2. Unrealted, but it’s really funny that in the tab this post title reads “My Mom’s Visit In My Tummy.”

  3. your breakfast – i want it!

  4. I definitely want to visit the Sweet Auburn market. That’s an area of the city I haven’t explored much yet.

  5. Looks like a fun visit– I love exploring markets like that.

  6. Sounds like a great day! I’m a huge brunch fan but won’t go unless we can make reservations. Waiting for the first meal of the day always puts me in a bad mood!

  7. I’ve been to that market before, but sadly, we don’t venture in to Atlanta as often as we should. I’m gonna make a plan to do so in the spring so the boys can see more where they live. Looks like a fun trip!

  8. Brunch sounds like a great idea. I never go for brunch, but that’s not because I wouldn’t enjoy it! 😀

  9. Looks like fun! American Roadhouse is walking distance from my high school so I used to go there all the time–good food!

  10. That looks great. We live relatively close to the MLK site. And now I know I want to drag the husband to Sweet Auburn.

    • It’s always fun to find another Atlanta blogger! Sweet Auburn Market was cool. I’ve lived here for over 10 years and can’t believe that was the first time that I’d gone.

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