Restaurant Review: Thai Restaurant of Norcross

Every day on my way to work, I drive past this restaurant, Thai Restaurant of Norcross.  It’s in a little strip mall in a not so nice part of town, but I happened to look it up on Yelp recently and saw that it got really good reviews.  So we decided to try it tonight with our friends Joan and Sean.  Sean has spent a lot of time in Thailand and is fairly new to Atlanta so I’m always hoping that when we go to a new (to us) Thai place, he’ll think it’s the best yet.  This place didn’t win that title (so far, he said Panita has been the best), but it was definitely high up there on the list.

Thai restaurant of norcross

Shady strip malls in Atlanta really do tend to have some good restaurants.  And I have no idea what Miriam next door is.  Actually, I think it’s a hair salon.  The inside of the restaurant was brightly lit and had a lot of people inside, always a good sign.

We started out with mussels in a clay pot for an appetizer.  These mussels were different that we’re used to.  They were served on the half shell and they were in a very light broth, with some lemongrass.  There was a sauce on the side, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  I liked them more than Jason did.


The menu was pretty large.  Lots of meat, seafood and some vegetarian dishes, as well as curries and noodles.  I went with the spicy scallops.  Scallops are one of those things that I really like, but never have made at home for fear of messing them up.  They were served with some peppers in what seemed like a soy sauce based brown sauce.  There was also basil and lettuce on the plate.

Spicy scallops

Jason had the Spicy Chicken.  Though our dishes had the same name, his was totally different and was in some sort of red curry based sauce.

Spicy chicken

I thought everything was really good.  I basically ate everything on my plate and didn’t feel like I needed someone to roll me out of there, so that’s always a plus.  And it was pretty inexpensive, relatively speaking.  My scallops were $11.95, I believe, which is a good deal for scallops.

Now it’s 8:40 on Saturday night and I’m seriously contemplating going to bed.  Can I blame the food?


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6 Responses to Restaurant Review: Thai Restaurant of Norcross

  1. That place looks fabulous! Strip mall restos in that area rock. Though I have to say… Panita has my heart. :)

  2. I LOVE that place! Their thai fried rice is AMAZING! And my house is like one minute from there. :) Unfortunately that area gets sketchier and sketchier by the day…my folks will likely be moving away soon for that reason.

  3. Nice. I’ve been looking for a new Thai place to try now that our beloved Garlic Thai has closed. :(

  4. Little hold in the wall places are the best!

  5. I love Thai food! Oklahoma had similar seedy strip malls with great restaurants. I guess the rent is cheaper so they can focus on making good food?

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